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Ever since the initial PlayStation debuted in 1994, Sony has always released a smaller iteration of every generation of consoles. While shrinking down elements is becoming par for the course, when the PS4 released in November 2013, we wondered how could Sony even to push out a smaller sized version of an already beautiful little bit of gaming hardware. It didn’t seem to be possible.

And the PS4 Slim happened.

The pictures don’t do it justice – as we learned all about the brand new console through a flurry of leaks, it looked pretty much the same size as the initial PS4. The truth though is totally different.

The PS4 Slim’s dimensions are in 264 x 39 x 288mm, that is a considerable drop in proportions when compared to 275 x 53 x 305mm size of the initial. A third of its height is take off, and some centimetres from each side.

These reduced proportions should make it simply perfect for crammed entertainment centres or desks. After a week or two with the PS4 Slim we are able to attest that it lives up to the community-given ‘Slim’ suffix (Sony simply calls it the PS4). It’s small enough to comfortably match a messenger bag that’s usually reserved for a 13-inch MacBook Air easily, along with occupying a cozy nook in your entertainment create.

Plus, it’s ridiculously light when compared to original PS4. Sony claims it’s lighter by thirty percent, but coupled with its low profile, it’s surprisingly mobile for a console made for gaming in the home. To put it simply, you won’t are having issues carrying it with you on the run, in case you are into that type of a thing.

Historically, Sony is notorious for cheaping from its slimmer variants, as any PS Vita 2000 or PS3 Super Slim owner would attest. With the PS4 Slim, this will not seem to be to be the case.

The all-matte finish is a welcome upgrade from the glossy-and-matte of the initial PS4, and the rounded corners certainly are a pragmatic fit for most a living room, in comparison with the sharp edges of its predecessor.

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Where in fact the PS4 Slim truly shines over the initial PS4 and even the PS4 Pro is in its buttons and lighting. As opposed to the feather-light touch power and eject buttons of the first PS4, or the slightly obtuse labelling and positioning of the buttons on the PS4 Pro, the PS 4 Slim gets it right.

On the PS4 Slim the buttons are mechanical and rounded. There’s a subtle yet assuring sense of feedback that tells you when you’ve turned it on or off. In conjunction with that is a dotted light indicator that provides you clearer visual feedback of if the PS4 is on, off, or in Rest Mode. This replaces the vertical light strip of its predecessor, making gaming at night much more tolerable.

Aside from this, there’s little amiss. Both PS4 and PS4 Slim sport a near identical feature set. There’s the same Blu-ray drive, and 500GB and 1TB storage options. You’ll get the same two front-facing USB ports, an HDMI for video, an Aux port for the PS4 camera, and an Ethernet port. The main element difference (in addition to the size) is that the PS4 Slim lacks an optical audio-out port. In its place though, the PS4 Slim has an improved Wi-Fi chip, which supports the 5GHz band for a far more reliable connection (if your router has support).

Nonetheless, there are a few minor annoyances. The svelteness results in a fairly noisy console that rivals its predecessor particularly if installing a casino game via Blu-ray. Though it’s more often than not cooler, it’s most surely not quieter.

This isn’t all. Although it’s extremely simple to pop in a more recent hard drive simply by sliding off a panel privately, it’s far more fragile than it ought to be. Sony’s plastic trimmings work very well for the console overall, however the PS4 Slim hard disk drive panel feels weak and may be susceptible to snapping.

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These aside, the PS4 Slim is a slick little bit of kit and really worth the cost of admission, especially in India. Markets just like the US and Europe maintain a $100 (around Rs. 6,700) difference between your PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. In India, the difference is Rs. 11,000, with the least expensive PS4 Slim cost Rs. 27,990 and the PS4 Pro costing Rs. 38,990. That difference is far more if you’re ready to forsake warranty. Several consumers have reported having the ability to acquire the PS4 Slim 500GB for only Rs. 19,700 at grey market outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. For what it’s worth, the PS4 Pro is just about Rs. 35,000 minus warranty. With a major difference like this, you’re better off purchasing the PS4 Slim and putting the amount of money towards more games or a bigger hard disk drive, particularly if you don’t have a 4K TV.

In the event that you already own a mature PS4, there is no point in spending the amount of money on a PS4 Slim – if you don’t want two consoles for reasons most widely known to you. But if you are seeking to join the PlayStation Nation, then your Slim includes a lot choosing it, and you will use the extra cash to get three and even four games together with the console.

With that said, the PS4 Slim is a worthy refresh on the PS4. It’s deceptively compact and includes a few worthwhile ergonomic additions. An ideal entry way to anyone thinking of buying a gaming console at this time.


Slimmer than it looks
Mechanical buttons
Better Power indicator
Runs cooler
5Ghz Wi-Fi

Hard disk drive pa

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