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WhenWhen I boot up Rainbow Six Siege today, I’m playing a totally different game compared to the one Ubisoft released in 2015. After 3 years and change, there isn’t part of the tactical multiplayer shooter that hasn’t been chopped and screwed. The operators, weapons, menus, servers, destruction – nothing has been deemed untouchable in the eyes of both its developers and its own fans. In 2019, Siege is probably the finest multiplayer experience around. But even people that don’t play the overall game can appreciate how it carved a fresh path for the sustainability of AAA games, and for the options of cooperation between developers and fan communities.

There’s a whole lot that keeps me returning to Siege after over 1,000 hours, because of a near-constant drip of new tweaks and additions. Every couple of months, Ubisoft drops two operators that shake up the game’s malleable meta. Alongside them, we get additional tools and environmental challenges: one-way mirrors, laser drones, holograms, spike traps. Content is delivered on a strictly scheduled roadmap that provides me a feeling that my investment in the overall game is matched by its creators.

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Unlike Blizzard’s vague hints about new Overwatch heroes that eventually become announcements, a fresh Siege season feels similar to the scheduled return of your chosen TV show. Following the success of Siege, Ubisoft applied the same seasonal model to For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Even Apex Legends’ upcoming roadmap looks familiar.

The side aftereffect of Siege’s frequent injection of new mechanics is near-constant bugs. Ubisoft has made big strides during the past year to improve its bug-squashing efficiency, but issues persist. A bug with breaching charges this past year turned Blitz right into a hip-fire demon. Another exploit with Jäger allowed players to add a deployable shield to his weapon, creating an unstoppable monstrosity. As every big patch fixes old bugs, new operators or maps spawn new conditions that hang in there for weeks or months. Rarely is anybody bug or exploit game-breaking, but it’s frustrating that Siege never feels as smooth and polished as traditional shooters.

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
I’ll will have a sizeable set of ways Siege ought to be better. Ranked play has major flaws that keep it from feeling competitive; bugs take too much time to repair; and Blackbeard’s dumb rifle shield is overpowered (don’t @ me). Still, I really like the mess. I’ve made peace with the actual fact that if a developer regularly makes big changes to a casino game, it will regularly be considered a little busted as a result of them.

Siege first hit the scene before “games as something” was a buzz phrase. The overall game sat quietly in the backdrop while monster hits like Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite, and today Apex Legends rose to worldwide popularity. Regardless of the stiff competition, Siege’s player base has only grown as time passes, recently hitting 45 million players. It continues to achieve success as the other popular shooters of today aren’t really its competition.

There is absolutely no Pepsi to Siege’s Coke. No other game has attempted Ubisoft’s unique mixture of tactical gunplay, asymmetrical roles, operator abilities, and freefrom level destruction which makes every match feel different. Over the 26 operators introduced since launch, Ubisoft has successfully crafted gizmos that add twists to the meta without the one character feeling too samey. Some modify the surroundings (like Maverick’s wall-melting blowtorch) while some give attention to intelligence and countering other tech.

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
An individual favorite of mine is Jackal, an intelligence expert who can activate his Eyenox visor to see enemy footprints and locate their locations. Playing Jackal is similar to playing two games: the main one where I clear rooms and shoot things, and the main one where I dig through a jigsaw puzzle of footprints on the floor to find if someone is hiding nearby. The most recent defender, Australian adrenaline junkie Mozzie, flips the essential idea of droning on its head. He can deploy tiny robotic “pests” that hack enemy drones and turn control to him. Gone will be the days I possibly could carelessly drone the map and shrug if my drone got shot. When there’s a Mozzie in play, I must take care not to lose my drone and present the enemy another camera along the way.

It’s been a joy to view Siege grow more inclusive through the years. The overall game launched with only three ladies in its roster of 20. Each and every post-launch season has added at least one woman for each and every man. Of the 26 operators added since 2015, 14 are women, a lot of whom are women of color. Characters represent different cultures, body types, and personalities. As more operators have already been added, the amount of countries represented is continuing to grow from five to 16. Country of origin does not have any bearing on what an operator does or how they play, however the character variety is among my favorite reasons for having Siege. Ubisoft appears to genuinely value representing different cultures (possibly to raised market the overall game in other territories, but I sense a less cynical mission for diversity aswell).

In a few ways, Siege feels as though a dynamic rejection of both sticky machismo and self-serious military espionage within Tom Clancy’s original novel and the first Rainbow Six games. Its tone is more idealistic, centered on teamwork and cohesion rather than a worldwide conflict and politics. An lack of traditional storytelling in-game becomes an edge, allowing the gameplay itself to create the tone. Siege is part gripping reflex ensure that you part cooperative chess match. I don’t care why most of these operators are gathered together fighting against one another. It doesn’t seem sensible, looked after doesn’t matter. My investment in the lore happens beyond the match, reading about an operator’s life or watching a world-expanding cinematic sho

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