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The Raiju Ultimate from Razer is a radio controller for the PS4. It allows advanced personalisation via the company’s app.

It doesn’t matter if you’re adjusting sensitivity settings or remapping multi-function buttons. The Raiju Ultimate offers you full control all the time, from the palm of your hand.

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Take things further with transposable thumbsticks, then select the solo D-Pad or tilting button layout. Allow functions easily with the quick control panel to permit the “Hair-Trigger” mode for quick-fire action.

The controller has three connectivity modes: USB, PS4, and PC, without manual repair for increased efficiency. Plus, the controller includes a wired mode that makes it better.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Packaging
Our Razer Raiju Ultimate found its way to a thick and strong blue cardboard box. Leading features a graphic of the controller while Razer’s logo reaches the top-right corner of the box. The controller’s name is below the picture; to its right, PS4 is to notice what console it’s for.

The trunk exhibits a glossary of the gamepad, and also a rear and front view of it.

Usually, products from Razer can be found in a jet black-themed box with neon green sides. But with the collaboration with the PS4, the packaging of the controller sports a captivating blue theme.

Bundled with the Raiju Ultimate is a travel case with an interchangeable D-Pad and thumbsticks. In addition, it includes an instructional manual, welcome note, and a 3-metre braided cable. A moulded adaptor for the controller can be inside.

Next portion of this Razer Raiju Ultimate review targets the controller’s functionality and design.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Review – Design and Functionality
Within our Razer Raiju Ultimate review, you’ll understand how much of reduced and efficient controller Raiju Ultimate is.

Although there are rubberised hand-grips, these still feel solid and premium to touch. The Raiju Ultimate’s entire face includes a design manufactured from soft-touch plastic. It’s simple to grip, and it prevents your fingers from sliding during play.

The controller features metallic analogue sticks while its buttons click in an extremely satisfying manner. Its Chroma lighting system can be incorporated in to the controller. You could find this along the touchpad to supply outstanding effects, that is a standard among Razer products.

Cool effects include regular procedure between 16.8 million colours in trippy waves or responses to vibrations or button presses. It weighs around 370g, providing you a good and premium feel to it.

Apart from it having reduced and quality feel to it, the Raiju Ultimate is incredibly customisable to your liking. You can swap the D-Pad easily with the included variations: one mirrors the PS4’s standard divided style. The other offers you that concave Xbox feel.

In terms of the thumbsticks, they’re fixed to the controller via magnets, nevertheless, you can still swap them easily. Its pre-installed pair includes a cross-hair design on the facial skin, yet there’s a variation with an increase of stem to it. Also, there’s another that mirrors the standard of PS4’s stock analogue.

Four additional programmable buttons can be found. Two are on the controller’s top, and there are two paddles on the rear, near the grips.

Four integrated profiles can be found on the controller, and they are for programming the M buttons predicated on game genres. These genres include shooter, racing, fighting, and sports. However, if you utilise the Raiju application for the smartphone and link via Bluetooth, it’s simple to alter the functions.

You can also fine-tune the volume of vibration on each controller’s motor, plus the analogue stick’s sensitivity.

Key Top features of the Razer Raiju Ultimate
On this part of our Razer Raiju Ultimate review, we will speak about the unique top features of this gaming controller.

D-Pad, Quick Control Panel, and Interchangeable Thumbsticks
The Razer Raiju Ultimate includes interchangeable thumbstick sizes and shapes. For the D-Pad layout, you can decide on tilting or individual to customise your controller for maximum comfort when playing. The quick control panel also permits instant access to essential functions and a secure button lock prevents unintended keypresses.

Advanced App Configuration
Using advanced options for customisation is currently far more convenient. With the mobile app, you can adapt clutch sensitivity, remap triggers & multi-function buttons, and fine-tune the rumble motors’ intensity. Customising these settings will improve your gaming experience.

Bluetooth and Wired Connection
The Razer Raiju Ultimate may be the first controller to employ both wired and Bluetooth connectivity. With a radio connection, you can enjoy total gaming freedom wherever you are. For extra assurance throughout a tournament, switch to wired gameplay.

Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons
Razer’s Mecha-Tactile Action buttons provide a unique combo of tactile feedback and a soft, cushioned touch.

Next up may be the specifications of our Razer Raiju Ultimate review.

Instantly, the Razer Raiju Ultimate works with with the PS4 and PCs running on Windows 7 or more. It runs on the Bluetooth/wired connection and gets the Razer Chroma integrated to it.

The controller features an interchangeable D-Pad and thumbsticks to customise the Raiju Ultimate further. For convenience, {the busine

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Viglink poshmark, inc.
Last update was on: January 25, 2022 9:38 pm

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