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Remington is probably the most reliable names in the world of electric razors. You’ll find many outstanding Remington shaver models that may participate in your trimming and cutting needs. This guide includes ten Remington shaver reviews that will help you see what products the business provides. You will see that Remington has many useful shavers that are simply perfect for your skin as well as your personal care needs, nevertheless, you must choose a choice that fits in together with your specific shaving demands.

The Most Important Top features of the Remington Shavers
Our Picks for the 10 Best Remington Shaver Models
Remington F5-5800
The Remington F5-5800 is a foil shaver model. This is a dynamic shaver that cuts nearer to the skin without creating irritation.

The F5-5800 is a foil shaver that has a dual-sided lifting bar in the centre. The bar will lift hairs to allow them to be cleanly trimmed without pulling on them. Both foil guards on the sides of this bar operate independently and can flex carefully to make a convenient shaving surface.

A little pop-up detail trimmer is roofed privately. Push the trimmer bar upward to make a guide space that can help you with trimming your sideburns or when you’re trying to make a more distinct influence on your hair.

The rechargeable battery offers about 60 minutes of run time on a complete charge. The charge offers you about 20 days of daily shaving among charges. A battery gauge tells you just how much of a ask you for have gone. A five-minute quick-charge feature also allows you to get enough power for just one shave in moments.

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My Impression

I came across the physical body of the shaver to work quite nicely. The grooved handle surface helps me keep a good, close grip on the shaver. The grooves are just above the power button.

The Pivot & Flex feature is among my favorite elements of this shaver. The shaving head bends and flexes well to keep close connection with my jawline, neck, and other sensitive spots. This gives me with a much cleaner shave than what I’d get out of a normal shaving material.

The Intercept system around the foils was also helpful. The pre-trimming setup cuts my hair by a tiny bit before the remaining blades will get through. The feature gives me a cleaner cut.


The shaver is simple to wash off under my bathroom sink, nonetheless it can not work all that well when in the shower. You need to be cautious when working with it in humid conditions.

Remington R5100
The most appealing features inside R5100 will be the titanium blades. The blades cut through hair in occasions while keeping each hair even and steady.

The rotary shaver uses three PrecisionPlus heads that use titanium blades. There are two tracks of blades in each check out create a reliable and fast cut throughout. A few slots and holes are organized around the shaving heads to permit shorter items of stubble to be cut alongside longer hairs. The look even has a pop-up trimmer.

An anti-microbial compound is added around the blades to keep carefully the trimmer clean. The top prevents the development of bacteria, thus ensuring the cut being produced is even each time.

The Active Contour feature on the R5100 has an elongated pivot point. The look keeps the cutting heads together to make a closer trim around the neck and chin among other tight spaces.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 60 minutes on a complete charge. It requires about 90 minutes to obtain the battery charged up completely. A five-minute charging option can be included for assisting you get enough power for just one charge.

My Impression

The lightweight body of the R5100 was an attribute that I liked. The shaver is just a little under half of a pound in weight, this provides you with me more control over the shaving experience without feeling fatigued when I am trying to utilize the shaver. The comfortable design was particularly helpful in giving me extra control over how I could get yourself a good shave moving along.

The contoured layout helps me with getting an improved cut completely. The smooth surface on the handle also helped me with keeping an improved grip on the shaver therefore i could get an excellent cut moving completely. It was fairly simple for me personally to get the shaver to go along my face without plenty of obstruction.


Although the three blade heads are flexible, I felt that it requires somewhat of effort to get them to go evenly sometimes. The blade heads is actually a little loose

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