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Does your task require employees to be clean-shaven? Did you merely meet a fresh woman who likes a neat, short and trimmed beard? Does your mustache become too bothersome to trim, which means you quit and shave it off? I understand since I’ve struggled for years searching for an instant and easy approach to shaving. As times change and undesired facial hair goes into and out of style, I’ve found I need not simply a shaver but a grooming tool.

Today facial hair could be worn as a beard, mustache, goat-tee, long sideburns; plus some men prefer a clean-shaven face. Whatever your preference is, enough time and options for how you retain yourself groomed are essential.

Traditionally us men would have to visit a barber shop to obtain the smooth, super close shave. The barber always runs on the hot towel to open the skin’s pores allowing hair to lift easier out from the skin. In that case your barber coats your skin layer with a cream or foam to ease skin pulling and irritation as the blade glides across that person.

Now I agree there is nothing beats a specialist shave but today, with the advancing technology in electric razors, we at made a decision to put them to the test. Now let’s observe how men’s grooming tools and electric razors can match that barbershop shave. Nevertheless, you also need to know the correct way of shaving to achieve the most out of your electric shaver.

The Research Approach
The Team and I at have spent four years reporting, reviewing, researching and testing over 20 the latest models of of the Remington ELECTRIC SHAVER. After a lot more than 55 hours of research, we will be ready to unveil our top 10 product selections from the Remington ELECTRIC SHAVER line of products.

Our readers and customers, are simply like us, and we considered different features, possibilities and effectiveness inside our testing process for every. We followed our community-based consumption testers, and recorded results while monitoring 8 weeks of consumption for grooming, shaving and beard trimming.

Our goal is to greatly help our readers choose the best quality product because of their hair type, type of skin, use needs and budget.

So, before you go out and purchase another electric razor merely to be disappointed with the performance and results later, read our compilation of results and start to see the electric shaver that ranks #1 1 for 2017.

Points to consider Before Your Purchase
Asides from price concerns, or foil vs. rotary options, you need to also consider how you intend to use your razor. There are two basic possibilities for shaving -Wet and Dry.

Most Wet models may also are Dry razors providing you a choice, but if you pick a Dry razor never put it to use with gels, foams or in the shower.

Remington Electric Razors can be purchased in both Wet/Dry and Dry models. Should you be susceptible to razor burn, bumps and irritation after shaving you might have Sensitive Skin. The Wet/Dry shaver will continue to work better for some because it permits use in water and with shaving gels and foams to greatly help avoid discomfort and irritation.

Dry Shavers are simply as they sound, they need to be used dry, aren’t best for sensitive skin, but are priced lower and less expensive for the budget conscious. Although the Wet/Dry versions are priced slightly higher, lots of the models are still affordable, and the application of water permits easy cleaning.

What to Search for in an excellent Remington Electric Razor
If you are purchasing a power razor, you are searching for the shaving experience to be faster, closer and far more convenient when compared to a traditional razor blade and shaving cream. Be sure to select a Remington electric shaver based on the needs you have and lifestyle.

Do you travel? You then would want to consider one with an extended battery life as well as perhaps a convenient travel pouch.

Are you always pretty quickly running out to work each day? Blade Speed and Durability could be top on your own list so that you can achieve an easy shave on the run or in the automobile.

Are you a Technology nut, always needing the hottest & most advanced product? Some razors today offer LED battery indicators, adjustable speeds and adjustable blade heights for a custom-made shave experience.

Do you enjoy maintaining your mustache, beard or sideburns impeccably trimmed and groomed? You might want to check out those shavers with an increase of ergonomic comfort handles and grips.

Closeness, Comfort, and Convenience, Technology, Speed, Battery life, Durability – What’s most important for you?!

HOW EXACTLY WE Picked & Tested
After greater than a dozen real-world tests on volunteers and consultations with professional barbers, we’ve found the very best 10 Remington Electric Razors available today. In the 4 years researching, reporting and updating the guide we’ve considered over 20 types of Remington ELECTRIC SHAVER and tested almost all of them.

For almost 8 weeks we followed testers, multiple times weekly, to monitor the razors operations, technology and construction of product, quality of blades, comfort of grip and handling, user’s ergonomic impressions, battery life and recharge time, simple cleaning and maintenance, along with men’s results from general touch-ups and trimming tight hard to attain areas.

With each one of these different areas at heart, we’ve compiled the set of the best electric razors on the market.

Now – no shaver is simply perfect for everyone. Remember it is advisable to pick what works for your hair and type of skin. With the wide selection of features contained in today’s shavers, everyone searches for different things in why they can purchase a specific product over another.

Below I’ll share the nice and bad, Benefits and drawbacks of each Remington electric shaver pick and hopefully, this can help you make the best decision on your own next men’s razor and grooming kit purchase.

Battery Life
The quick charging ability and increased battery you enter the Remington XR1400 Wet/Dry electric shaver managed to get a close race for the No. 1 spot. You will require only 4 hours to attain the maximum charge to perform cordless for 45 minutes. This model carries a 5-minute quick charge in order to still get in an instant shave on the times you’d forgotten to charge your razor. It isn’t as impressive an attribute as being in a position to run your razor corded or cordless, but a five-minute wait is preferable to no shave at all for all those important meetings or event.

As observed in the comparative research report, this Remington electric shaver performs equally well, with lots of the same positive features, though it provides fewer attachments. In online retailer comparisons, it scored well but beneath the XR1410, acquiring positive ratings for a price of 10 every 2 days verse the XR1410 at 10 each day. Still great consumer sentiment overall.

With XR1400 you get the Remington HyperFlex base and PrecisonPlus triple rotary blades to quickly modify to contours of that person and neck for an excellent clean, close shave.

We loved that you lost none of the important features like wet/dry shaving in the shower or out, with or without gels and foams, or the rubberized comfort grip that’s ergonomic and ties in your palm.

Included Accessories
The XR1400 will come in at a lower price, about 30% cheaper than our best pick, rendering it a far more affordable option. You’ll get included the charcoal-infused scrubbing brush head and an adjustable trimmer with 10 length options. For men susceptible to razor burn, skin irritations and bumps, XR1400’s included deep cleaning brush head might not exactly be considered a bonus attachment according to your sensitive skin issues.

Maintenance & Care
The simple cleaning, snap on-off heads and attachments was also an excellent convenience for all of us. The XR1400 Wet/Dry Shaver permits easy rinsing and cleaning because all of the attachments could be run {benea

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