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At the launch party in NEW YORK, Ricoh Imaging Americas president Jim Malcolm opened the festivities by stating that the Theta is on the forefront of a “visual revolution.” It could sound like some sort of marketing catch phrase, but I must say i believe the Ricoh Theta team is set to change just how we consider photography and how photography is executed. The Ricoh Theta S is far more than “THE BEST Selfie Machine.”

Because the dawn of the art, photography has mostly been about capturing three-dimensional scenes and reproducing them in two dimensions on a print and, recently, a screen. Photography will always contain that in its DNA. But, imagine if we are able to capture the world all around us in a manner that we can better explore the surroundings, in addition to the moment where we captured the image? Imagine if you could explore your image in a virtual 360-degree spherical world?

Well, you can. That’s what the Theta category of cameras brings to the table, and the Ricoh Theta S does it better still than its predecessors.

The Numbers
Let’s hurry at night numbers, because while you are discussing truly unique photographs and videos, I’d rather discuss the knowledge rather than the stats.

The Ricoh Theta S packs 14MP of effective resolution onto two 1/2.3″ sensors. Each sensor is 12MP, however when the image is established, it is the exact carbon copy of a 14MP image. There are two lenses, one on each side, plus they feature 7 factors in 6 groups with a maximum aperture of f/2. The electronic shutter can open and close in 1/6400 of another. For night or low-light photography, a 30-second exposure can be done. Close focus distance is 3.9″. ISO sensitivity ranges from 100-1600, and the camera captures JPEG images and MP4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video. Video is 1080p at 30fps for 25 minutes.

Other features include HD live streaming, live take on your smartphone with exposure control, and shutter boosts to 60 seconds. The memory is made in and tops off at 8GB. This enables you to fully capture approximately 1600 full-res photographs or a complete of 65 minutes of 1080p video. If you crave more, a complete suite of specs is on the B&H Photo eCommerce site for the Theta S.

The Theta S originates from the same general mold as Ricoh’s previous Theta cameras. These devices is elegant and simple. The Theta S is clothed in a grippy, black rubber coating that feels good to my fingers. Both lenses are identical. One is on leading. One is on the trunk. Which side is which? I don’t know. One side includes a shutter release below the lens.

It looks, to those unfamiliar, just like the memory-erasing device from the Men in Black movies. “Just look the following at this light… and you may forget all you ever knew about photography…”

Above and below the shutter release are soothing colored LED indicator lights that provide you the Theta S’s status. A cool design feature: You cannot see where in fact the LEDs are embedded in the camera’s facade until they illuminate. This keeps the entire design especially clean.

Using one side is a trio of buttons. The most notable button powers the Theta S on. Another button is to activate the Theta S’s Wi-Fi. The 3rd button toggles between still image and video modes. All three buttons have corresponding LED lights illuminating on the facial skin of the device to verify your selections.

When the Theta S has been charged, the energy button illuminates red. Charging is performed through a USB cable inserted in to the bottom of these devices. Also on underneath are an HDMI port and standard ¼”-20 tripod socket. At the very top, six circular holes allow sound directly into dual microphones.

I won’t dare hypothesize about the complex innards of the Theta S. In the event that you had doubts about the direction of Ricoh’s purchase of long-time photography stalwart Pentax, rest easy because, interestingly, the Theta category of cameras has technology grafted from the parent company’s type of high-performance facsimile machines. Who knew?

Size and Weight
When you have seen or touched a Ricoh Theta during the past, you’ll know precisely what things to expect from the Theta S. The dimensions on the spec sheet show the Theta S to become a hair larger, however when I held both, I couldn’t tell the difference. The Theta S has somewhat more heft, nonetheless it doesn’t feel like it really is a bar of lead.

To compare to some other device, the Theta S is approximately as tall as an iPhone 5s, about two-thirds the width, and about twice the thickness. The Theta S can put on a pants or shirt pocket easily, if a smartphone or wallet has already been in there, it could possibly be a tight squeeze.

The Theta S switches on quickly and you could take a image almost as fast as you move your finger from the On/Off button to the shutter release.

There is something to be said about going for a picture while not having to wonder in the event that you got everything in the frame, because, with the Theta S, trust me-you got everything in the frame. Everything in a 360-degree sphere results in the frame, unless something was blocking it. The Theta S will not yet be capable of see through or about objects. Maybe another version will?

The problem with this extraordinary vision capability is that I kept getting my thumb and forefinger in the photographs. Ugh! Your natural grip position on the Theta S ensures that the world are certain to get to see your digits atlanta divorce attorneys photo.

There are solutions. If there is one legitimate reason to possess a selfie stick, the Theta S could possibly be it. The tripod socket permits you to attach accessory grips, just like the Ricoh WG Grip Adapter, or mount the Theta S on a tripod head, leave, and snap the photography using the Theta smartphone app. A number of Theta converts at B&H explained that the ultimate way to avoid the finger problem is to carry the Theta S in the bottom of the camera and use your phone to trigger the shutter. Lastly, when you are working accessory-free, you can slide your grip down only possible on the Theta S and remove the objectionable occurrence of your fingers.

With some cameras, the capture is really as fun and involved as viewing the images afterwards. The photographic process, for a few of us, is really as engaging and interesting as the results. With the Theta S, the procedure is simple: you merely take the photo; therefore, the image is where in fact the pleasure lies.

Uploading the images on your computer or phone inside Theta application permits you to “play” together with your spherical world by panning and zooming. It really is immersive and fun and an event totally unique in comparison with my previous photographic world.
Selfies and Proof Photos
Today, many photographers, especially younger crowd, are posting selfies and/or embracing the “photo or you were never there” mentality.

Love them or hate them, selfies are here to remain and the Theta gives your selfie a intensify from the crowd since it shows much more than simply you in the frame. It shows everything around you. Are you with several friends? Gather around the Theta and, provided that your friends can easily see the lenses, no-one is overlooked of the image. It really is, perhaps, the very best single way to have a selfie or group photo.

For the “pic or it didn’t happen” crowd, not merely are you proving you have there been, contain the Theta above your mind and you could see that which was behind you. Given that I believe of it, the Washington D.C. National Mall will be an awesome destination to announce your existence with a Theta S-take a photography of the Washington Monument {befor

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