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The Samsung Galaxy Buds continues to be a great couple of true wireless earbuds to accompany the favorite Samsung Galaxy smartphone line. Whether you’re a everyday listener or a genuine wireless fanboy, the Galaxy Buds are an outstanding choice with a few forgivable foibles.

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Editor’s note: this Samsung Galaxy Buds review was updated on September 7, 2020, to reflect changes in pricing, update frequency response and isolation charts, you need to include a fresh mic demo.

Who will be the Samsung Galaxy Buds for?

The earbuds are compact and discreet.

Since the Galaxy Buds were a freebie for many who pre-ordered the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, they are explicitly for Samsung Galaxy S10 owners. However, that doesn’t preclude the earbuds from being used in combination with other Android devices or iPhones. As a matter of fact, these true wireless earbuds are appropriate for the AAC Bluetooth codec, minimizing perceptible lag when used in combination with iPhones.

What exactly are the Samsung Galaxy Buds like?

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ can wirelessly charge the Galaxy Buds.

Similar to the Jaybird Vista, the Galaxy Buds sport an all-plastic design. The edgeless condition of the earbuds creates a whimsical look and rounded triangular touch panels grant enough property to create commands without frequent mistakes. A marked difference between your Galaxy Buds and the apparatus IconX is the insufficient onboard storage.

Samsung integrated a dual-microphone array, which operates by alternating between your microphones to attenuate background noise and evidently relay your voice. Used, this worked well. Unfortunately, the earbuds still struggle outside if there are high winds but can combat background chatter if you’re in a restaurant.

The dual-microphone array adapts to your surroundings, effectively lessening background noise.

The charging case is an ordinary, oblong plastic piece that opens hamburger style. Its interior has sufficient room to house the required inlets for charging the earbuds. Externally is an individual LED indicator, which glows red, green, or yellow to notify listeners of its battery level as the back houses a USB-C input for charging. However, in the event that you misplace the cable or don’t feel just like using, you can stick it atop your Samsung Galaxy S10 variant just make certain the Wireless PowerShare option is activated from the notification tray beforehand.

You need to use the Galaxy Wearable app

The compact charging case has an additional seven hours of playback.

Touch panels facilitate call and playback controls, va access, and Ambient Sound mode activation. Similar to the Sony WF-1000XM3, the Galaxy Buds enable you to hear your surroundings, keeping you safe. Utilizing the Galaxy Wearable app, you can customize the left and right ear panels’ playback controls. For example, our review unit is established so holding the left earbud initiates Ambient Sound mode and holding the proper earbud accesses Google Assistant, not Bixby.

From the app, you might set your recommended EQ option: bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear, or treble boost. Below that is clearly a menu where you could choose which notifications are read out loud for you from the earbuds. Then there’s Ambient Sound mode. Instead of temporarily activating it from the earbuds, you can permanently activate it from the app. It enables you to change just how much amplification external noise receives and whether voices ought to be amplified.

Then there will be the usual features, like “Find my earbuds” and the choice to check on for and install software updates. It’s a thorough iphone app that I actually found myself using. Granted, it had been mainly to toggle Ambient Sound on for running, which is currently streamlined with the April 27, 2020, update. Users can reap the benefits of computerized Ambient Sound mode, immediate access to Spotify, and Microsoft Swift for quick switching between Windows 10 PCs and cellular devices.

Good for workouts
Speaking of running, they are a fine couple of earbuds for general athletes. While it’s disappointing that they received just an IPX2 certification, it ought to be enough to sustain arduous workouts. Just keep them from the water. I must say i enjoyed using these in the fitness center; the provided wing tips worked wonders. I only wish that volume controls were also included as with the RHA TrueConnect 2.

Does Samsung include accessories?
Listeners have the IPX2 water-resistant earbuds, three pairs of silicone ear and wing tips, a 252mAh charging case, and a USB-C charging cable. The included wing tips enable a secure fit as the malleable silicone remains comfortable for all-day listening. What’s more, the many ear tips are just as comfortable but might not exactly fit every listener’s ear. If you’re struggling to get yourself a good seal with the included options, try looking at third-party tips.

How good may be the battery life?
One of the primary improvements designed to the Samsung Galaxy Buds from the apparatus IconX may be the improved battery life. Our objective testing yielded 6.53 hours of playback about the same charge from the 58mAh earbuds. The 252mAh charging case has an additional seven hours of playback and a quarter-hour in the event affords up to at least one 1.7 hours of playback according to Samsung. After the case and earbuds are both depleted, charging the devices is not hard via

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