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In terms of soundbars they could be split into three different categories. In another of them we find the ones that usually include both a subwoofer and also surround speakers and they are supposed to pose an excellent option to full dedicated surround setups. Next we get the soundbar-subwoofer combos that are manufactured with simplicity at heart but try to provide sort of performance and top features of a completely featured system and so trying to cover a middle ground. And last but not least we get the single-body soundbars that are aimed right to those that search for the absolute simplest way to boost their TV’s audio tracks with minimal hustle possible.

Such a soundbar we are testing here today inside our Samsung HW-MS650 review. Samsung has been making soundbars for quite a while now and we’ve seen some pretty amazing units from their website. The MS650 belongs within their Sound+ series which is meant to be their single-body variants that aim at combining the very best sound performance of a primary bar and subwoofer right into a single unit. Make no mistake, this can be an individual unit soundbar nonetheless it has been tested and tuned in Samsung’s California Audio Lab and packs some pretty amazing features to be able to deliver the goods.

The HW-MS650 is actually a 3 channels single-body soundbar that has 6 mid/bass drivers and 3 tweeters, supports Dolby Digital and DTS sound, features HIGH RES Audio and Bluetooth streaming, it really is Amazon Alexa enabled and will be expanded to either 3.1 or 5.1 channels with the addition of a subwoofer or surround speakers. As you can plainly see there is great overall flexibility in this unit both regarding performance together with included features. Are these enough to keep this competitive in it’s respective category and just how much of a noticable difference can a single-body soundbar provide you if you’re searching for a easy to handle solution? Continue reading as we reveal everything below…

Design, Inputs and Features
Usually single-body soundbars, with a few notable exceptions, don’t have a whole lot going for them because they usually target the low tier categories and so we get fairly easy setups in terms of the hardware they use. The MS650 appears to be among the exceptions as this unit could be rated as a 3.0 channels soundbar for leading left, right and center channels but what’s under the hood helps it be even more impressive. We will get into more details in the correct section however the soundbar has a whopping 6 mid/bass drivers along with 3 wide-dispersion tweeters making things even more interesting in terms of it’s performance.

Another interesting simple truth is this unit’s dimensions. Measuring 41.7 x 3.1 x 5.1 inches (1060.0 x 78.0 x 130.5 mm) and with a weight of 13.7 lbs (6.2 kg) we can not say this one is probably the biggest soundbars we’ve tested but isn’t small either. And what ought to be noted is that even though many of these units shoot for a low profile to be able never to obstruct the TV’s IR sensors this is often a problem with the MS650 since it goes greater than other similar models. And that means you need to be sure that you won’t cover your TV’s sensor otherwise you will need to think of a solution if you need to save lots of yourself from frustration.

We really dig the look that Samsung designed for this one. It’s nothing impressive or a thing that we hadn’t seen before but usually with soundbars it’s the tiny details that make a notable difference. The MS650 includes a straight rectangular condition design with simple sharp lines as the upper front corner has been by using a chamfered edge to provide it somewhat of character. The complete front face is included in a metal grille within the front-firing drivers as the remaining body features top quality plastic with a brushed aluminum texture at the top and both sides.

According to usual the soundbar includes a few built-in buttons with Samsung positioning them on the proper side. They are physical buttons shaped according with their functionality and what we get is volume control, input selection and a power button. In all honesty while touch sensitive buttons provide a more premium look we prefer physical kinds as possible simpler to see them at night. There is nothing else at either side keeping an otherwise clean and tidy look.

One thing that people found very practical may be the inclusion of a tiny front display providing you various information about the soundbar’s functions. It’s not really a very big one and has been located at the far right side of leading face which was essential with a center channel being located a thing that some symmetry purists may dislike.

Turning the machine around we find all of the ports grouped together at the guts in the special inset which will help to cover the cable plugs. Many soundbars have a tendency to divide the connections which is often problematic some times and isn’t helping with cable management so everytime we get the one which groups all of them together is an advantage inside our books. Also there are special wall brackets you can utilize in order to stick it on a wall. Samsung in addition has included a wall mounting guide to assist you make the wall holes within their appropriate positions.

Closing we are able to say that so far as it’s design and quality of materials the MS650 left us with very good impressions. Samsung created a good looking soundbar which includes everything essential to make it simple to setup and handle. When there is one thing that could cause some problems is it’s height that may obstruct some lower TVs but otherwise we can not find anything bad {abo

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