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Why buy a Sakkusu Saxophone?
For many who dares to dream to play the sax but don’t have the budget that could normally afford them children brand such as for example Yamaha or Trevor James, sometimes the choice of choosing unknown brands can seem to be a daunting prospect. There are so many ‘own brand’ instruments out there, all with their quirky names that contain been slow of hat and put on pre-existing student models that are produced in higher quantities in factories located somewhere in Eastern Asia.

As the customer for, it’s been among my specific projects and challenges over modern times to get such a budget instrument which will act as an initial saxophone for most players. I use the term ‘challenge’ since the procedure for seeking an instrument which will fulfil the requirements of experiencing the required quality of build and can be found in at the proper price to essentially help those on a budget isn’t straightforward. Established brands such as for example Yamaha, Trevor James, Conn Selmer, Yanagisawa etc are usually open to us at the drop of a hat via established UK distribution/dealer networks, whereas the procedure of attracting our own-brand ‘Sakkusu’ range has involved a long time of probing away at different factories until we’ve finally landed after a formula for success.

A number of the key things that I search for:- metal that isn’t too soft; comfortable key positioning; a robust construction that holds its set-up when played for thousands of hours; good tuning and a decent tone.

All these factors ought to be considered within the context of a simple student sax; a comparison with pro instruments is unhelpful and unrealistic. For instance, it is a considering that a Yanagisawa could have higher spec parts with an increase of durability, and finer engineering tolerances. But these saxes could be over ten times the cost of a simple Sakkusu, so you’d naturally expect this!

Sometimes it could be hard to translate the message to complete novices a basic sax isn’t missing the features, keys, rods and levers of a high bill sax! The difference literally does drop to the grade of materials, the look differences, the engineering tolerances and the manufacturing methods.

But even with that said, the manufacturing way for making a cheaper Chinese sax still involves a pricey production-line operation, with each post being operated by a individual. Yes, it really is true to state that the procedure of making a student-line in comparison to a professional-line is a lot quicker, the latter involves a higher amount of hand assembly and heavily skilled hand-finished operations, however the same principals still apply and the outcome is physically virtually identical!

I am now happy that I’ve surely got to a point inside our Sakkusu history that we’ve established a couple of instruments that display a decent construction, an extremely comfortable key layout, a robust-enough strength of metal, and an excellent of tone and intonation that’s comparable with student saxes higher than their price-point. Let’s face it, we’re talking altos in the £300 to £400 price bracket, and tenors a bit higher – to really have a saxophone do everything it’s likely to do, and deliver a thrilling tone concurrently, is pretty exceptional. I often think it is interesting you could fool listeners into believing you are playing a specialist sax when actually you are playing students sax. If you get the mouthpiece right, and you play with an excellent technique, the difference to the listener could appear marginal. Of-course when you are seriously interested in your music, you do spend money on the best that you could afford and you most definitely enjoy the benefits associated with the machinery before you. But if you, like many nervous dreamers out there, don’t want to plunge right into a potentially expensive hobby, the Sakkusu may be the

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