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The brand new Schwinn 270 (MY17) is a home-use recumbent bike coming in at $549. It’s the more complex of two Schwinn Fitness recumbent bikes promoted since 2017. Key performance qualities certainly are a reclined seat and a 17-pound magnetic resistance system with 25 settings. The console computer supports four user profiles, holds 29 workout programs and fitness tests, has Bluetooth for data sharing, and works with with RideSocial “mixed reality” exercise videos. Continue reading for an in depth Schwinn 270 stationary bike review.

Our Rating
Rating: 84.5/100. The Schwinn 270 is Schwinn’s finest recumbent stationary bike promoted in 2020. However, at only $549 it costs hundreds significantly less than bikes of comparable quality. It’s a high recommendation for the shopper who’s only budgeted around $500 but wants a low-impact cardio trainer that feels modern and can deliver its money’s worth in exercise sessions.

Besides comfortable recumbent seating, highlights of the brand new 270 add a wireless heartrate receiver; 29 on-board workout programs; Bluetooth data export; and RideSocial compatibility. Owners also like the way the Schwinn 270 supports up to four user profiles.

Schwinn Fitness last updated this bike model in 2017 with the addition of Bluetooth for data logging. By pairing your stationary bike with an Android or iOS mobile device, you can automatically send your workout statistics to the Schwinn Trainer App. Main great things about using the free iphone app are goal setting techniques and long-term goal tracking. The Schwinn mobile iphone app is also appropriate for MyFitnessPal and Apple Health, so that it is simple to add your bike workout data to a complete fitness profile.

Workout programming on the brand new Schwinn 270 includes 29 preset routines in addition to the substitute for use RideSocial. The preset routines are diverse: You can pick from heart rate manipulated workouts, distance training programs, interval workouts and more. They are wonderfully useful for the body, but their displays aren’t much to look at… so you may want to dock a tablet computer for entertainment as you ride. RideSocial workouts, alternatively, are visually captivating and in addition enable real-time interaction with other home bike riders. Details are below in the “Workout Programs” portion of this review.

Any complaints about the Schwinn 270? Sizing is a problem for riders who are specially short or tall. You can adapt the bike seat’s distance from the pedals, but most of the people under 5’2” still can’t reach comfortably. People taller than 6’ might knock their knees in to the frame. Another downside may be the labor warranty. It’s only valid for 3 months, so if troubles arise after 90 days the Schwinn 270 could finally cost you a lot more than just $499.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is remarkably durable for a recumbent bike around $500. It’s built with an attractive suite of electronics, yet unlike other cheap stationary bicycles it’s not simply about flash. Almost all customer reviews of the Schwinn 270 are positive. Information regarding its workout programming, parts and warrantee are below.

Workout Programs
Workout programming is a primary strength of the brand new Schwinn 270. First, the console computer arrives with a large number of routines and fitness tests. It lets each user create and save four bike routines too. Second, this stationary bike works with with RideSocial as described below.

Preset routines and fitness tests are displayed on an LCD. The screen shows plenty of fitness data simultaneously, and it comes with an especially prominent “Goal” data field. This field shows progress regarding distance, time or another primary workout objective.

Schwinn 270 Features
The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike frame was created well. A “walk through” style and low seating make getting on/off the bike easy, even for folks with limited motion. Customers vouch that as advertised, the strong frame helps to make the bike well suited for users up to 300 pounds.

Recumbent stationary bike seats have high backs to provide lumbar support. On the Schwinn 270 the seat back is ventilated that will help you keep cool. Meanwhile the seat bottom is cushioned, unlike that of the cheaper Schwinn 230.

You can adapt the seat’s distance from the pedals by sliding it along an aluminum rail. Judging from customer reviews these bikes are comfortable matches for folks about 5’3” to 6’0” tall.

A 17-lb magnetic flywheel system provides resistance. With digital controls you can alternate among 25 settings. Ideally a recumbent bike’s resistance system will be better quality, but this setup is respectable for the purchase price. We do like the way the increments are relatively small; this can help each rider find a proper ma

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