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You have to wonder why Seagate has launched a fresh edition of the Backup As well as. It uses the same three-year-old get as its predecessor, and doesn’t bring very much to the table, specifically since it carries a higher price – although you do acquire bundled program in the kind of Mylio Create and Adobe CC.

Bundled Mylio Build and Adobe Creative Cloud
Slightly much better than average performer
Two-year warranty
More expensive in the event that you only want storage
Meet up with the Backup Plus Thin from Seagate, just one more lightweight hard drive that uses the attempted and trusted ST2000LM007, a difficult travel that was unleashed in the 1st quarter of 2016.

The Backup As well as Slim (STHN1000402) comes in 1TB and 2TB models, in a light blue, black or brushed aluminum finish. Amazon lists these drives for $60 and $80 respectively.

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A special touch

Seagate also sells a good edition of the Backup In addition Slim called the Ultra Contact. The main variations between your two products certainly are a higher price for the Ultra Contact – $90 at Amazon for the 2TB version, $70 for the 1TB – and a numerous design that involves a bit of fabric instead of the brushed metal finish.

There’s nothing specifically noteworthy about the Backup Plus Thin – its style is utilitarian and absolutely isn’t trying to win any awards. Seagate chosen a plastic chassis with a thin brushed metal go over on top. Apart from the Seagate logo and a white status light, there’s almost nothing that catches the attention here.

For its size, the Backup As well as Slim is completely tiny in 115 x 78 x 12mm with a good weight of only 126g, meaning you may truly make it around found in your pocket.

There doesn’t seem to be to be any fairly simple way to pry open the case if you want to extract the hard drive. It includes a 46cm USB 3.0 wire with yet another cap that converts one end to a USB Type-C connector.


Here’s the way the Seagate Backup Plus Slim performed inside our benchmark tests:

CrystalDiskMark: 141MBps (go through); 137MBps (write)

Atto: 144MBps (reading, 256mb); 137MBps (write, 256mb)

The product uses the old ST2000LM007 drive, as we mentioned, a disk which includes two 1TB platters spinning at 5,400 RPM with 128MB cache. Remarkably, though, that get costs more alone than when packaged as the Backup Plus Slim. Unbelievable, yet true.

This is a slightly-better-than-average performer seeing that demonstrated inside our CrystalDiskMark and Atto benchmarks. The Backup Plus Slim have scored between 141 and 144MBps on reads and around 137MBps on produce speeds, while a 10GB document was transferred at 128MBps. It had been cool to touch during work with, and barely audible.

The drive includes the newest Mylio picture supervision software and a two-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, but no storage applications like, say, the WD My Passport Ultra range. That’s great should you have any inclination towards the imaginative side of computing, however, not so great if you only want top quality storage on the low-priced (the drive has a two-year warranty, incidentally).

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The competition
While Seagate doesn’t have any competition because of its 5TB compact hard disk drive, things are radically different for lower potential products, certainly not least from Seagate’s older products.

The older Backup Plus Slim, for instance, costs $45 and $60 for the 1TB and 2TB models respectively. The Expansion selection, another Seagate line, can be equally competitive at $40 and $65 for the same capacities respectively (be aware: all quoted prices happen to be from, and correct during writing).

Western Digital and Toshiba prices are slightly more costly. A special mention should be directed at Silicon Power, that provides a 4TB external hard drive that’s shockproof and waterproof at $110 – as inexpensive as the brand new Backup Plus Slim.

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Final verdict
Should Seagate have swapped the LM0007 for the LMZ15, a more recent, potentially faster hard disk drive? Maybe – but there’s hardly any incentive to take action. Since it stands, the big players usually do not seem to be to have any purpose of trading R&D in small platters to choose in the drives outfitted by the Backup Plus Slim.

That explains why the platter potential has stagnated at 1TB since, very well, September 2015. Seagate itself stated back 2012 that 60TB hard disks may arrive to the marketplace by 2020, but instead thrilled a 60TB SSD (which uses flash recollection) in 2016.

Speaking of which, it could not be a long time before we wave goodbye to hard disks anyway. A recently available glut of inventory ensures that SSD prices possess fallen drastically, dangerously approaching the symbolic flooring of $100 per TB, about twice just what a hard disk drive of similar potential costs today. If that development remains, a 1TB external SSD will definitely cost significantly less than a 1TB hard disk drive this time around next year.

Let’s go back to the Backup In addition Slim, though: in the event you buy it? The easy answer is typically not, there will be cheaper hard disks out there from Seagate itself. Don’t waste your cash upon this model, just choose previous year’s Backup Plus or the Expansion range, if you don’t certainly love Mylio Create and need to try Adobe {Inno

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