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The Sennheiser HD 598 can be an entry-audiophile headphone from the well-known German manufacturer, Sennheiser. In the sub-200 USD category it’s a king of its, and this is just how many persons perceived them for years. If you catch these at a low price, they certainly are a steal. It really is an excellent overall choice, it’s non-fatiguing, very comfortable and enjoyable to hear.

Build quality

Judging its construction by the purchase price I got them at (~€140), the construction IS something to write home about. Sennheiser ensured to use strong and top quality plastic. There is nothing that displays a problem about them breaking. The leatherette headband feels nice; nothing to complain about, in particular when they are on your own head. Each ear piece features sufficient tilt and pivot to allow HD 598 adjust to your head and make sure they are a comfortable fit.
Of course, you will find a metal grill on the ear-cups; pretty standard for open-back headphones.

The included cable is 3m long, and includes a 6.3mm jack, the 3.5mm adapter is roofed. The cable is tangle free and overall, it’s a good thick (rubber) cable that you need not worry about.. especially as a result of the 3m length. Actually, i want to state how good the cable is; It’s just about the most durable and best cables I’ve seen. At least judging from it being stepped on with my chair (the rubber withstood the “blow”); I even accidentally had my full weight distributed on them when my cable got beneath the leg of another chair (this chair didn’t have wheels). Durability was definitely something Sennheiser had at heart when coming up with the HD 598.

Construction meets the standards of its cost range. Although nearly the most valid comparison (because I really believe Massdrop x Sennheiser 6xx was made out of different intentions), if we were to compare the construction of the HD 6xx and the 598, HD 598 is far superior and more premium compared to the 6xx. When Massdrop was getting the collaboration headphone with Sennheiser (HD 6xx), I believe their focus was to build it for as cheap as possible, however, not cheap from the sound. That is why I say it isn’t a fair comparison, nonetheless it continues to be worth mentioning because overall, it plays a part in the experience.


The complete headphone is in a beige finish, blended with nice chocolates brown accents. These accents can be found on the earpads, the “ring” around the grill, and the high-gloss burl. Overall, it has that retro feeling to it. In my own judgment the colorway is why is the HD 598 authentic.

You either love the colorway or you hate it. Or.. you merely buy the HD598SE that is a special edition of the HD598, that is a blacked out version.

There exists a labeling for “Left” and “Right” on the facing side of the ear cups. They are printed in the same chocolates brown as all of those other accents, plus they are printed in a sizable font. It’s a good touch, though it isn’t necessary (because you can only just wear the HD 598 one way). Actually, they are shaped in a manner that it is possible to tell if they’re facing the right direction simply by feel when you select them up. I could mainly tell this by the touch sensation of the plastic piece which holds the earcups (it is the curved part to that your ear cups are mounted on), if it is facing the way in which, it’s facing you.

Photo reference: 2.5mm housing in chrome finish (left ear cup)​

The left ear cup may be the one where in fact the 2.5mm input is (where you hook up the headphones). That is another feature that i would consider iconic – the twist-lock mechanism. Before I enter a little greater detail about the twist-lock mechanism, I would like to mention that the inner side of the two 2.5mm input (where you hook up the cable to the headphones) reaches an angle, and the inner side of it really is in a silver chrome finish. It’s an extremely sleek design, and it’s really designed in a manner that you don’t need to “search” for the input hole but instead, it acts as helpful information. In this manner, you can literally just slide the two 2.5mm cable inside. The chrome finish helps it glide; overall, very thoughtful and convenient. Onto the twist-lock mechanism – just what exactly Sennheiser did is quite neat. Once you plug the two 2.5mm cable, you can twist it to secure it. That is genius, since there is no way that it could detach, if you don’t untwist it deliberately. Long cable + the secure lock mechanism may be the strategy to use; it ensures that you might have both great mobility, so you need not worry about the cable falling out/detaching.

The earcups are oval-shaped and so are manufactured from velvet. Velvet is a material very comfortable to your skin. However, dust easily gets trapped within it. Overall the design is quite clean, and Personally, i don’t find anything that ought to be changed about any of it. It’s only a perfectly designed headphone, I believe the look of the HD 598 is timeless.


Comfort is probably the components which will make the HD 598 so pleasing to use. They are simply just amazing, very comfortable… After all, they are Sennheiser’s. When was the last time you heard a higher-end model from Sennehiser being uncomfortable? The velour pads just disappear after some time frame. I didn’t get any itchiness with the pads – very comfortable and pleasurable to your skin. The headband isn’t the softest; it’s rather semi-rigid, but this is merely to touch. When you hook them up to the top, they have similar qualities to the pads; you merely forget that it is there. You can wear these all night without complaining. The tilting and pivoting movement really help you with getting them adjusted to your mind.

There are 17 full steps to modify the “height” – why do I say 17 full steps? As the 18th step isn’t full, nevertheless, you have a lot of room to tailor it to your mind.

Sound quality
What is it possible to say about an open-ear headphone? Simply beautiful.

Bass is on the lighter side. They are not at all for bass-heads. I myself want to feel the thump from the bass, and the HD 598’s definitely weren’t in a position to do this. However, I missed that to become a problem. Despite the fact that the open-back design offers you different sound characteristics from the most common closed-back headphones – it’s definitely a satisfying experience.

This being said, if you are searching for that punch and thump, you are better off with a closed-back headphone. Just as various other members said, having less low end is why is the HD598 itself. They’ll not supply the rumble, punch or thump some want for, but with this being said, it enables you to give attention to the vocals and other aspects in the music that you almost certainly didn’t give attention to before (that’s what I came across interesting with having less low-end). I personally choose the spacious sound + no basshead degree of low-end of an open-back headphones over the narrow soundstage + the thumb and rumble in the low-end.

Update with EarMen TR-Amp:
Tr-Amp opens up the frequency response, allowing the bass to have significantly more impact, punch, and weight. The low frequencies have noticeably more definition, and may be felt and told apart a lot more evidently than without TR-Amp.

For instance, the sub-bass within Hans Zimmer’s “Why so Serious?” – mark 3:30 – is more defined and clear, it’s much cleaner sub-bass. Or, in the introduction of “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys, there is more bottom-end present. That is a thing that is subtle, yet plays a part in the sound in a significant way. There is more depth and layers to the sound.

“Paper Trails” by DARKSIDE is a lovely example where you could observe how TR-Amp can impact the low-range. The complete track sounds much fuller, and even has more space to breathe; (TR-Amp) it truly brings the life span out from the Sennheiser HD 598.

Further speaking after the low frequencies, while the distinctions with TR-Amp are subtle in music genres where lower frequencies are being used with a rational amount, in electronic music, the difference is a lot more prominent. So when I say “a lot more”, it’s really night and day. I accidentally came after a song “Smoking Mirrors” by Lee Curtiss, and the quantity of depth and more volume (not discussing loudness) the low frequencies have when TR-Amp is employed – it’s a thing that really does make a sizable difference. Not only will there be more space for the low frequencies to breathe and overall have significantly more space for full-body sound, but there is merely a lot more definition and occurrence in the low notes.

Photo reference: Sennheiser HD 598 connected to Earmen TR-Amp

Mids Gorgeous full-body mids (but are they full-body? Read my update). They are sweet. They are on the warmer side, and you may end up enjoying the vocals and instruments for days. They never neglect to meet you with their mid-range capability and performance. I came across myself completely absorbed in the music when I had these on (p.s. the long cable can help you with revealing your dance moves, and how you can play a guitar… with out a guitar). The mids are where in fact the HD 598 shines – that is their special ability. They are smooth, and sweet, as being a good baklava. MUST I also mention the clarity? Absolutely amazing. They have very good clarity – just play a song in which a guitar is plucked, and you may understand what every person is talking about. After all.. I believe you get the idea, that is their sweet spot. I assume that Sennheiser put their main give attention to the mid-range when developing the HD 598, plus they definitely did an excellent job. However, it really is worth mentioning that the warm sound signature limits some vocals – you merely notice this after by using a good source with the HD

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