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It’s hard to overstate the value of the Sennheiser HD650. For Sonarworks this headphone was used to translate a neutral sound from speakers to headphones. They’re also employed by our engineering team as reference headphones, so they’re really special to us. Let’s find out whether you should get worked up about them!


Great sound from the box without harsh high frequencies and boosted lows
Comfortable to wear
Matched left and right channels
Translate well among different users
Good price

Build quality

Usually they are created perfectly from pair to pair. However, if you plan to utilize them frequently for longer period like five years and more, be equipped for some part replacement – drivers can begin rumbling and distorting (especially on the low-end), headband may become loose and ear-pads will degrade over time and will surely desire a replacement. Luckily, you can order and replace literally any part on these headphones easily.


Sennheiser HD 650 is virtually the most neutral headphones in the marketplace. However, they lack sub-bass frequencies (below 100 hz) and high-mids (around 2-5 kHz) should be tweaked a bit. Otherwise, they are all set already from the box.
Channel balance

You’ll expect from headphone manufacturers perfect matching between left and right drivers. Unfortunately, in real life this doesn’t happen all too often – almost every other couple of headphones have channel inconsistencies even among bigger headphone brands. In comparison, Sennheiser are true authorities in offering headphones with matched left and right drivers in order that soundstage stays regular across different frequency regions. With some minor exceptions Sennheiser HD 650 has almost no difference between your two drivers. Sometimes some pairs have slight inconsistencies in bass and sub-bass region, but this doesn’t happen frequently.


Predicated on our experience with various headphone models, we’d say that Sennheiser HD 650 are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are lightweight, fit perfectly almost any head and don’t cause headache by creating an excessive amount of pressure for your ears and temples. These headphones will be a great choice if you plan intensive mixing sessions.


Totally. You get great sounding neutral headphones well suited for any genre production for approximately 300 euros per pair. What else do you will need? Shut up and take (spend) my (your) money!

Observations how headphones perform after applying Sonarworks Reference calibration Total Harmonic Distortion

These aren’t the cleanest headphones out there, in terms of distortion in the bass region, however, they endure nicely with anything above 150 Hz. While THD figures after calibration in the sub-bass region are high (normally about 10-15%), it’s mostly 2nd harmonic distortion, which signifies that it won’t be too audible and generally will go unnoticed regardless if you use bass heavy music. Also it’s worth remember that despite having their THD these headphones will reproduce cleaner bass than a lot of real life playback systems your projects will be listened on. In the event you absolutely require surgical precision under 100 Hz, get yourself a couple of calibrated closed backs or orthodynamic headphones.

How accurate and regular may be the correction effect among different listeners?

They will sound practically the same regardless of who is with them. Also, these headphones don’t change their frequency response and overall feel when position on a head is changed.

Just how much do they differ pair to pair regarding frequency response?

Predicated on our experience, they don’t differ a whole lot from pair to pair. There may be hook difference in high and high-mid frequency perception, otherwise they sound {v

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