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Sennheiser usually pays little mind to gimmicks and marketing ploys, and instead puts most of its efforts toward functionality and sound quality. The business takes that same method of the Sennheiser PXC 550-II noise cancelling headphones, a long-awaited upgrade to the first-generation model. Noise cancelling performance keeps up with best-in-class alternatives from Sony and Bose, but also for the reasonable price of $199. Sure, they aren’t the sexiest group of headphones, and don’t have cool software tricks, but that’s the charm of the PXC 550-II: simplicity and performance come first.

Using the Sennheiser PXC 550-II

Rotating the ear cup turns the headset on / off, as indicated by the red (off) circle on the proper yoke’s hinge.

The Sennheiser PXC 550-II are simple to use, and place performance and functionality above design. All-plastic ear cups don’t appear premium, nor do the tenuous yokes nonetheless it all serves an objective: to reduce the headset’s weight, which is imperative for day-long listening. If you’re worried about durability, just grab the included case. It’s nearly a hardshell design, however the reinforced exterior will protect your headphones from minor bumps in a bag.

The headband strikes an excellent balance of thin and comfortable, making the second-generation Sennheiser PXC 550 ideal for a person with glasses. Though, I did so experience some discomfort at the crown of my head after two hours of wear. A metal reinforcement protects headband from snapping, and I never felt the headband would break when inserting the headphones on, or when removing them. Synthetic leather covers the headband and may be the same material used to wrap the foam ear pads. You might take away the ear pads for easy cleaning and replacement, however the triangular form means you should buy an upgraded from Sennheiser, instead of deciding on a cheaper third-party option.

There are a great number of gesture controls to keep in mind

The proper ear cup is where all of the magic happens with touch and tactile button controls.

Sennheiser uses a blend of button and touchpad controls with the Sennheiser PXC 550-II, which are located on the proper ear cup. To pair the Bluetooth headset, press and contain the voice assistant button, until a voice prompts you that it’s prepared to connect.

In the event you get the Sennheiser app?

The custom EQ module in the Sennheiser Smart Control iphone app doesn’t afford comprehensive control.

If you want usage of firmware updates, the Sennheiser Smart Control iphone app is worth downloading, as long as you’re comfortable allowing the iphone app access to where you are. Yes, that’s correct, you cannot utilize the application if you don’t grant location permissions, at least when the iphone app is in use. Apart from firmware updates, the software also permits you to choose adaptive ANC or adaptive, anti-wind ANC for the first noise cancelling level.

You may also pick from four EQ presets (Neutral, Club, Movie, Speech), or create your own EQ setting. The EQ adjustments are incredibly limited though: you merely get three choices for every single adjustment under vague options like Boost, Spatial, Reverb, and DLC. The iphone app doesn’t specify, but DLC means Dynamic Loudness Control. It controls for erratic volume increases and decreases to level the web output of your audio.

How may be the noise cancelling?

Low-frequency sounds are heavily attenuated and sound half as loud because they sound sans-ANC, making the PXC 550-II an excellent option for air travelers and commuters.

The Sennheiser PXC 550-II are among the better noise cancelling headphones under $200. Low frequency sounds are often combated when noise cancelling is on the best setting, rendering them roughly half as loud because they would without the feature. Sure, I possibly could still hear construction as my apartment doors were installed, however the handyman’s drill was hushed by the ANC which allowed me to focus on typing this review.

Upper-midrange frequencies are effectively attenuated by the headset’s excellent passive isolation, and can hush noises by roughly 75-80% as loud as they’d sound without anything covering your ears. That is part of the reason these headphones are revered by commuters: passive isolation deadens all sounds, and not merely droning noises. The better your headset isolates, the less work an ANC unit will have to do.

So that you can achieve optimal noise cancelling reflected in the graph above, you need to achieve a proper match the headphones. This implies the ear cups have to fully encircle your ears without the gaps behind the ears where in fact the lobes meet up with the jawbone. Passive isolation may be the foundation of any great noise cancelling headset, and Sennheiser understands this-hence the spacious,

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