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Three years following the Sims 4 debuted on PC, EA’s latest life simulation game finally arrived on Xbox One. The Sims 4 for Xbox may be the most feature-complete home version yet, with boundless depth and potential – nonetheless it doesn’t always feel just like an excellent fit for the living room.

The Sims 4 for consoles is a primary port of the PC game, with less of the optimization and downscaling of previous ports. It has the good thing about offering better quality gameplay, but it addittionally means the console game is more difficult to learn compared to the Sims 3.

Naturally, the overall game includes numerous tutorials to help ease players in. The vital thing you do is create a character, therefore the tutorial starts there. However, many big issues stick out with these instructions.

First, the written text is super tiny and difficult to learn far away. The tutorial UI can often be confusing aswell. The confirm button sometimes advances to another tutorial dialog but quite often it generally does not, forcing players to puzzle over how exactly to reach another dialog.

Also, there are so many tutorials to wade through. You’ll you need to be getting started on the tutorial for just one feature when the overall game asks whether you would like to learn about a different one. The whole procedure for teaching gamers how exactly to play should be a lot more streamlined and linear.

Create a Sim
The Sims 4 includes a very robust character creator, though you’re of course limited by clothing and other items within the base game, if you don’t buy some expansions. Still, creating a close likeness to someone you understand isn’t hard … once you get accustomed to the UI and controls.

Certain actions like adjusting cheek size and other body proportions are harder than they must be, with players needing to awkwardly choose the body part by using a mouse-style cursor and dragging the part while holding a button. You can adapt to it, but it’s never likely to feel natural.

Personality traits have already been greatly expanded, with players selecting three primary traits during creation and a bonus trait connected with that Sim’s personal aspiration. Your Sim can have traits like being materialistic, jealous, and alluring.

The entire goal is to regulate the lifestyle of your Sim or Sims. Each Sim requires a job to make money. You have several careers to pick from, though deeper career options will be offered within an upcoming expansion. What lengths your Sim climbs the career ladder is your decision, as you need to develop associated skills and make choices whenever work-related events pop-up.

Homes and neighborhoods
Your Sim also requires a location to live, which is where Build mode will come in. After investing in a lot in another of the starting neighborhoods, you will have to create a house piece-by-piece. Sims 4 gives players the choice of shopping for furnished rooms if they’d rather not begin from scratch, but I wish some predesigned building layouts were available. The complexity of the controls will probably frustrate players who just want to create Sims and see them can get on with their lives.

To make a proper liveable space for your Sim, you will have to buy all of the essential rooms, such as a living room, restroom, kitchen, and bedroom. This also involves making sure doors fall into line properly, which is harder than it requires to be because rooms are transparent while positioning them.

Rotating rooms and objects involves the left and right bumper buttons, which is rather intuitive. Adjusting size and condition requires somewhat of uncomfortable clicking and dragging, though. Through the entire building process, you might accidentally exit a menu or two. But stay with it, and you will eventually complete the starter house where your Sims will live their lives.

The Sims 4 occurs in smaller neighborhoods instead of the bigger city environment of The Sims 3. That is a step back some ways, as you lose the large open-world environments and public meeting regions of the last game. Your Sims reach move between various areas of the city, but they’ll do so by traveling from map to map while waiting through loading screens.

These individual neighborhoods don’t truly feel just like they soon add up to a complete town. A few of the businesses and venues you’d see in The Sims 3, such as for example food markets, don’t exist in The Sims 4.

Downloadable content
The Sims 4 on consoles doesn’t include the PC version’s downloadable content by default, though it has toddlers, pools, and other features which were added to the bottom game as time passes. Several DLC packs can be found to get, with three contained in a $49.99 bundle aswell.

The next DLC packs already are available:

City Living: $39.99, the only full-scale expansion pack offered by launch.
Vampires: $19.99.
Vintage Glamour Stuff: $9.99.
Perfect Patio Stuff: $9.99.
While it’s tempting to react cynically to launch day DLC, The Sims has always offered numerous expansions on PC. This could be the first time that of the PC’s expansions will in actuality make their way to consoles.

Overall impression of The Sims 4 for Xbox One
For the very first time, EA has brought a complete Sims experience to console, with most of its features intact – even cheats. The Sims 4 doesn’t always feel in the home on Xbox, though, with clunky menus, confusing controls, tiny text, and chaos of tutorials. But if you like to game on console instead of PC, The Sims 4 continues to be worth enough time and effort. The type creation, building, and social interactions are engaging enough to keep simulation-minded players busy for a long time.

The entire Sims PC experience on consoles!
Create a family group of Sims and help or hinder their lives.
Deep character creation and building modes.
Tutorials are messy and complex.
Controls and menus are confusing on consoles.
Some Xbox players lost their save files at launch.

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