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Let’s lay things down nice and clear at this time: in the event that you don’t like bass, there are headphones out there that you’ll like more that the Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless.

If, however, you do like bass – and we imply that heavy bass you hear in clubs and get from subwoofers – or you merely like playing around together with your music then you’ll may enjoy these headphones. At the minimum you’ll find them to become a lot of fun.

So far as design goes, Skullycandy’s Crusher Wireless headphones don’t do anything particularly special. Taking something of a Batman approach, they’re dressed totally in black and decide on a matte finish instead of almost any gaudy shine. It certainly will depend on your aesthetic preferences whether you find the simplicity of the headphones appealing or off-putting.

If you’d like to have something brighter but forget about gaudy they’re also obtainable in white with starkly contrasting tan ear pads.

From a distance they look properly fine if rather chunky to us. However when you’re holding them and inspecting them close up they look and feel slightly cheap.

This is more related to materials than build-quality. So far as build can be involved these headphones feel strong but inflexible. The matte black material that coats the cups and the fake leather used for the ear pads and headband are both smooth and soft, but they’re also plastic-y. A big problem is that both materials attract marks quickly making them look grubby fast. I’m uncertain whether this is a thing that will be better or worse on the white model.

EASILY touched my face and put the headphones on, my cosmetic immediately left fingerprints and it had been even worse easily took them off plus they brushed my face as I did so so. That is partly my fault, but even oils produced by your skin layer during the day leave their mark and I’d rather not need to use an alcohol-based hand gel each and every time I decide to pay attention to some music.

To create this slightly less of a problem the Crushers do feature a excellent carry bag. Its material is thick, waterproof, and lined inside with a soft faux fur that’s a lot more than capable of stopping marks and scratches happening from within your bag. If Skullcandy will make accompanying gloves that’d be great.

Despite being on the bigger side, these headphones fold up into themselves fairly neatly, making them extremely convenient to transport around.

Although the materials used don’t look premium, when you’re wearing the headphones they’re very soft and comfortable largely because of the foam used for the ear pads. Usually after one hour roughly of wearing headphones Personally i think a pressure on my ears and temples but that took longer to occur with these, even though they sit firmly against the ear.

Like any good couple of wireless headphones, these have control buttons that avoid the have to pull your phone out to regulate your music. On the trunk edge of the proper ear you’ll find the three of these: a circular center button flanked by an advantage and minus button.

Between them, these buttons perform the functions of powering on / off, setting up Bluetooth pairing, skipping forward and backward through songs, answering and ending calls, controlling volume, and pausing and playing music.

That’s a whole lot of responsibility for three buttons to bear and sometimes it really is frustrating. For example needing to contain the plus or minus button for three seconds to skip a song makes an activity many people wish to be instantaneous much too long.

That is especially frustrating because similarly priced headphones such as for example those released by Marshall and UrbanEars have were able to do far more convenient multi-functionality with an individual button or touch pad.

The positioning of the control buttons on the trunk of the ear cups is practical regarding neatness but they’re quite flat and that means you need to run your finger along them to find the appropriate one, which can raise the amount of time it requires to regulate your music.

On the trunk of the left ear you’ll find the key event, a slider which controls how much bass you’re hearing. We are able to only imagine it had been this that inspired the headphones’ ‘Crusher’ moniker.

There are no numbers or indicators upon this slider so you’ll need to experiment with it to obtain the perfect point for you personally, but from our go through the amount of bass sits between ‘chunky’ and ‘outrageous’.

Trust us whenever we say you’re improbable to sli

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