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Skullcandy’s era of the Hesh 3 wireless headphone is a different condition and price compared to the Hesh 2. This leaves us wondering how both of these are related and how they compare. Just what exactly in the event you consider when trying to select between your two? Let’s have a closer look by performing a Skullcandy Hesh 2 vs. Hesh 3 Comparison review to see what the largest variations are.

Design Comparison
The first noticeable difference between your two wireless headphones may be the headband. I actually benefit from the feeling of the Hesh 2 a lot more than the other. The headband is coated with soft and smooth rubber. It really is rounded and sits comfortably on my head. In addition, it feels strong and has more excess weight to it compared to the Hesh 3. Compared, the Hesh 3’s plastic headband feels more fragile, enjoy it might crack as time passes if it’s not looked after properly. It really is lighter, which could possibly be attractive to some people. It’s headband is a narrower condition and it certainly hugs the ear pads onto the ears. It really is snug but comfortable, although I possibly could view it becoming uncomfortable if one were to put them on for an extended period of time.

The Hesh 2 has pronounced “left” and “right” markings furthermore to it’s metallic logo. The Hesh 3 has understated markings and logos, by using a dark black on matte black design. This feels classier if you ask me compared to the Hesh 2.

The overall condition of both ear pads are very different. The Hesh 2 has round pads that are thick and protrude outward from the ear. Meanwhile the Hesh 3’s are slimmer and more oval shaped. They look better on my head when I look into the mirror but that is merely my preference. I possibly could see some people enjoying the more prominent look of the Hesh 2.

Both headphones have the same buttons and controls nevertheless they are shaped differently. You’ll visit a theme continuing here but you’ll observe that the Hesh 2’s buttons are big, pronounced, and immature, as the Hesh 3’s are tactful and polished. But again, they are two different aesthetics and I’m sure some people should the Hesh 2’s bombasticness.

Both headphones have boosted low-mids. The Hesh 2 boost feels as though it really is centering around 300Hz-400Hz. This boost feels overwhelming and borderline muddy, even for types of songs that reap the benefits of having just a little bass boost like hiphop and rock. Compared, the Hesh 3 feels a lot more balanced. The bass boost appears like it really is around 150Hz which leaves space for clarity in the mid-range.

The Hesh 2 midrange feel somewhat congested.That aforementioned boost in the low-mids comes with an adverse effect to the detail in the midrange all together. There also appears to be another boost around 5kHz roughly. It creates the vocals sit more forward compared to the Hesh 3 which can attractive to some people. There exists a slight boxiness that bothers me a bit, but I can’t quite put my finger onto it. Hesh 3’s midrange has more clarity. There appears to become a little cut around 1kHz-3kHz which bothered me initially when I paid attention to the headphones alone, but when compared to Hesh 2 I’m finding it leaves more space for the treble and I find myself appreciating it.

Hesh 2 includes a boost around 10kHz gives the high-end frequencies today’s vibe. There aren’t many extra details higher above but there exists a snappiness and crispness that may make some people happy. If you ask me it feels somewhat fatiguing. Hesh 3’s high-end has a lot more space around it and it sounds pleasant. I hear an aspect of airiness that the Hesh 2 is missing, making the stereo field feel wider and less crowded. The Hesh 3 provides more full image of the stereo field. I especially like songs recorded with roominess like classical, jazz, and even garage-rock. They sound more alive since there is space for all those wide reverb tails to decay.

Skullcandy’s Hesh 2 and 3 have a whole lot of similarities nonetheless they are also quite different in sound quality. Even though the aesthetic of every design might attract different folks to either, spending the excess $30 on the Hesh 3 offers you an improved listening experience.

It really is worth trying both headphones because I possibly could imagine the tightness of the Hesh 3 becoming uncomfortable

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