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If you’re buying versatile, easy to use cooker you then should you should think about a pellet smoker.

When you won’t win any points with old fashioned pitmasters, the opportunity to effortlessly produce excellent barbecue makes investing in a pellet smoker very tempting.

Pretty quickly? We think the Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24 hits the sweet spot of value to performance and may be the best pellet smoker for many people.

In this guide, we’ll breakdown the very best pellet smokers obtainable in 2020. We’ll also tell you some of the benefits and drawbacks of cooking with pellets that will help you constitute your own mind.

Don’t be confused in the event that you start to see the “pellet grill” and “pellet smoker” used interchangeably. They make reference to the same thing.

Who pellet smokers are suitable for
Even an entry-level pellet smoker will cost you a lot more than charcoal or gas. But also for a bit extra upfront, you’ll benefit from the simplicity and versatility that’s triggering pellet smokers to dominate patios around the united states.

It doesn’t seem to be that way back when that only two companies were making pellet grills. Back 2008 if you wished to buy a pellet smoker you could select from Traeger and MAK.

It’s a testament to the popularity of this sort of smoker there are now so many new brands open to pick from.

Charges for decent pellet grills start at around $400 and may run more than $1000. When you’re able to get an outstanding charcoal smoker just like the Weber Smokey Mountain at under $300 you may well be thinking about why would you intend to buy a pellet grill?

It takes merely two words last but not least the benefits associated with cooking with a pellet smoker. “Convenience” and “versatility”.

If the purchase price isn’t a deal breaker for you personally though, the convenience is very amazing. Get accustomed to throwing a brisket on, setting the temperature and just get about your entire day (or sleep during the night) with out a worry.

Because pellet smokers elope electricity they can be a great choice in the event that you reside in a property or are unlucky enough to have restrictions on burning charcoal or wood.

How pellet smokers work
While sharing the ‘set it and forget it’ design of it’s gas and electric cousins, pellet smokers use an extremely different system to create heat.

As the name implies, these smokers run by burning cylindrical wooden pellets. An average set up includes a hopper privately where you add the pellets.

When you plug in grill in and set heat on an electronic controller, the pellets strat to get pushed through and converted into heat and smoke.

Meathead explains in greater detail how this technique works at

Meathead Goldwyn, Pellet Smokers Buying Guide

Central to all or any pellet cookers is an electronic controller like the controllers on modern indoor ovens. You decide on a temp you want, and there can be an LED display that lets you know using the temp.

Pellet cookers will often have an auger or another feed mechanism that pushes the pellets right into a burn pot typically about how big is a beer can ripped in two. An igniter rod sits in underneath of the pot so when you start the grill it glows just like the component on a power stove.

As the pellets ignite, a fan blows to feed them oxygen, and the igniter shuts off.

The controller is among the most crucial elements of a pellet smoker. It’s the computer that regulates the temperature in your

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