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The Sony SRS-XB20 is a lightweight & wireless Bluetooth speaker which offers excellent audio tracks quality for a speaker this size.

Its battery life is reasonable for this sort of lightweight speaker.

This speaker is water-resistant, that makes it very helpful for outdoor activity, but I didn’t make usage of it near water.

It can hook up with other speakers, but this feature is bound to specific models, which is a lttle bit frustrating, for me.

The wireless signal is effective in a distance as high as 10 meters, and much more than that. The connectivity deteriorates when the length is large & additional speaker is put into the audio tracks streaming (in “Stereo” mode).

A few of its features are good to have (built-in microphone for calls & voice assistance, extra bass, paired with 1-to-99 speakers), while some don’t matter that much me (like the light).

There are newer models available in the market (the Sony SRS-XB21) but I’m uncertain if it includes that much of a noticable difference when compared to Sony SRS-XB20.

The pros:
Elegant design – The rounded curves, combined with relatively robust appearance of the speaker, creates a device that may fit everywhere. If you wish to add spice to its look, then you can certainly obtain it in a different color than black like mine.

Superb build-quality – It weighs approx. 1000 grams, which isn’t much, nonetheless it doesn’t feel hollow when holding enjoy it usually feels cheaper speakers.

The speaker is manufactured out of quality materials, and it could withstand a bump occasionally.

Satisfying volume level & excellent audio tracks quality – The sound that speaker generates is impressive in comparison to other speakers that may go face to face with it.

I enjoyed hearing music with this speaker, and almost all of enough time, there weren’t any distortions, which occurs if it plays hardcore bass music. And in cases like this, you can change the “Extra Bass” off to tender the sound quality.

The quantity level it reaches can fill a sizable space (yoga instructors will like it), and it might be a great companion for many who party outdoors and seek after a sound solution.

Water-resistant to a specific degree – The speaker is rated IPX5 water-resistant, this means it protects the key unit against rain & it really is washable.

The cap behind the speaker plays an essential role in the maintenance of the water-resistance performance, so make sure you close it properly.

Please be aware that the speaker isn’t fully water-resistant, and it could be better to not expose it to the water of any sort. Personally, I avoided using it near water, if you don’t consider positioning it in your kitchen while washing the dishes…

The cons:
The price when it’s not on sale – I managed to acquire this speaker on sale for approximately $50, which was a good deal.

When it’s not on sale, the purchase price appears to be definately not being attractive, since there are lots of alternatives available in the market.

There’s a more recent model that is fairly similar – the Sony SRS-XB21 is meant to be the newer style of this speaker.

I’m uncertain if it provides that much of a notable difference when compared to Sony SRS-XB20.

The wireless connection has its flaws – The wireless signal works together with no interruptions up to 10 meters, and much more than that. When I added another speaker to produce a “Stereo” mode, the signal q

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