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Samsung Galaxy S4 detailed review
Battle Royale for 2013. We may well not visit a bigger battle between two flagship devices this season. Maybe we will, but right now, this appears just like the issue undisputedly ruling the otherwise rather fickle minded industry. HTC made the first move with the main one. That phone, unquestionably, is gorgeous. But Samsung is taking that on by loading the Galaxy S4 with so many features that you may actually wrap up being confused! Externally, it looks nearly the same as the predecessor, however the internals and the features will be the completely refreshed and upgraded bit. The Galaxy S III was most likely the most popular smartphone in the Android ecosystem, to defend myself against the Apple iPhone, in fact it is understandable that Samsung wished to wthhold the familiarity aspect and that which was till now an absolute formula. That appears a reasonably good idea generally in most circumstances.

Why don’t we start this detailed review by looking at the build and design of the Samsung Galaxy S4 first. At various points in the review, you will observe direct comparisons with the HTC One, with regard to enabling you, the potential buyer, to comprehend all of the nitty-gritties involved, and make the best decision.

Build & Design
The Samsung Galaxy S4 does just about follow the same design pattern as the Galaxy S III. But, from all of the feedback and queries we’ve received from our readers, the idea that the Galaxy S4 is actually held together by plastic, does seem to be to take primary attention. We assume that Samsung followed the logic that says “if it isn’t broke, don’t correct it”, for the reason that Galaxy S III was doing perfectly. The fans will explain that the S III held its, rather comfortably, against the far better built iPhone – at least regarding materials used. So, why assume that the S4 won’t do the same against the HTC One and the Iphone. But, they do forget one point – HTC One is currently, undisputedly, the best-built Android smartphone available in the market today. The Galaxy S III, at its time, had not been working beneath the shadow of this entity, at least in the Android sphere.

Let us have a look at the phone and the look elements. For starters, it is necessary to indicate that the Galaxy S4 is slimmer and lighter compared to the Galaxy S III, despite packing in a bigger display and a far more powerful power plant. It has been done by thinning the bezel on the left and right of the display. Although it isn’t edge to edge glass like on the HTC One, the thinner bezel does look rather neat and provides the phone today’s look. Below the display are two touch sensitive keys and the physical key for home, task manager and the voice assistant. The proper sides spine gets the power key, as the left spine gets the volume rocker. The charging port has been located in the bottom, as against some phones that have it privately, and the 3.5mm headphone jack sits at the top. There exists a silver band framing the S4, and is coloured to appear to be metal. But, it really is plastic!

Flip the Galaxy S4 over, and you get the imprint finish on the dark colour finish, that Samsung calls Black Mist. The camera sits towards the most notable, and we that can compare with the placement since it doesn’t block the way of the fingers when holding the telephone in landscape mode, prepared to click an image. The Sony Xperia Z, for just one, had this issue. However, the camera isn’t totally flush with all of those other chassis, that could mean the scare of scratching it in the event that you slide it on a table is very much indeed there.

Samsung says that the plastic applied to this phone is better compared to the one we saw on the Galaxy S III. The look isn’t unibody, even though some may scoff at that, there will be the positives of the design. The largest being you could access the battery power, and that is clearly a real bonus when enough time involves replace it with a fresh one. Imagine leaving your phone in something center for weekly merely to get the battery replaced. The Galaxy S4 feels very light in the hand, lighter compared to the HTC One.

But, there are always a couple of problems with the Galaxy S4. Although it is slimmer and lighter compared to the HTC One, the S4 does have a tendency to slip around in the hand a tad an excessive amount of for comfort. The slippery back is something you will need to be careful of, particularly with moist or sweaty hands.

The HTC One has a lot choosing it in the construction department, and much like most things, there are several aspects that aren’t. We focus on the slightly negative aspect first. THE MAIN ONE is slightly taller, slightly thicker and only slightly less wide compared to the Galaxy S4. Remember that the One includes a 4.7-inch display, as the S4 includes a 5-inch display. But, the edge to edge glass at the HTC One’s front gives it an extremely premium feel. The quantity rocker on the main one is a tad too depressed, with the theory being to keep it flush with the spine whenever you can. It does sacrifice a lttle bit of usability comfort though. If you want exquisitely made stuff, the HTC One is surely a phone which will appeal for you. The clean design with straight lines and the slab look is effective for the wider demographic. No experimenting with curves or angles so that they can look different, and HTC has just about let simplicity do the task. The only necessary curve is on the trunk, to permit for better nestling of the telephone in the hand. While this doesn’t have any special matte finish to greatly help with the grip, the main one will not slip around as much in the hand as the Galaxy S4.

In the end, it really is pretty much right down to personal choice. If the plastic enables you to crinkle your nose in sheer disgust (yes, a whole lot of individuals do this, apparently), then your Galaxy S4 really isn’t for you personally. The HTC You have universal appeal, because it isn’t really alienating any little bit of the demographic. With that said, the overall perception that plastic is cheap isn’t really true. And don’t let that misnomer cause you to discount a phone that’s actually very good once you begin using it.

Real World Usage
Benchmark tests only give one side of the story. We used both phones as primary phones, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Quite frankly, in a genuine world utilization scenario, it really is too near call between your two. The software opening times, the smoothness of the UI and both phones handle the specific same application load with the same dash of smoothness. Quite expected that, considering we are working with quad-core and octa-core architectures here, but a very important factor is quite clear – you will hardly see any real performance boost on the octa-core in an average smartphone consumption scenario as you start doing all your work daily. Neither of the phones will feel inferior or superior over the other, visibly so. Hence, benchmark tests are good to equate to numbers, but don’t let them be the only real decision making factor before you splash the money.

User Interface
The BlinkFeed UI is a thing that has just arrive on HTC phones (well, the main one may be the first – famous brands the Butterfly and the main one X are certain to get this soon), while Samsung has been tweaking TouchWiz for a relatively good while now. The existing version of TouchWiz retains the familiarity facet of the previous versions, very helpful for someone who could be upgrading to the Galaxy S4 from a Galaxy S III or the first generation Note. The original multiple home screens, the opportunity to add and remove widgets – the works. BlinkFeed does seem to be just like a new toy, since it is well…new! And it requires some used to. First up, the news headlines feed remains the default home screen. That can’t be changed. The quantity of home screens you could have are also limited. The UI has been modified considerably, at least visually, on the HTC One. Definitely not better with regards to appeal, but definitely

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