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Ultimate Lightning McQueen makes an excellent first impression. He’s immaculately presented in a shiny foil-covered box, and looks similar to a collector’s item when compared to a children’s toy. Once you open it up, though, you will discover there’s very little actually inside there, in addition to the car, a manual and a charger.

It’s clear, though, that is reduced item once you open it. The wheels are protected by small plastic clamps, and the accessories slide neatly out of a drawer underneath.

As immaculate since it is, however, we can not help but feel just like Sphero could have gone even more given the purchase price. We’d have loved to have observed the packaging can be found in the sort of the Mack truck, that Lightning McQueen would roll out, just as he does in the films.

Your first interaction with Lightning McQueen is a frustrating one. Sphero orders you to plug in the automobile and wait thirty minutes for him to replenish. Yes, the Christmas Day tradition of unwrapping your favourite present and not having the ability to play with it straight away is alive and well.

It’s here that you find Sphero’s first focus on detail though. The charging port is accessed by pulling on the car’s fuel cap. So when you plug him in, everything starts to light and start moving.

Sphero did a phenomenal job at mimicking Lightning McQueen’s characteristics in toy form. He moves along because of motors in leading wheels. His mouth moves, and speaks lines voiced by Owen Wilson. And his eyes are animated because of an LCD screen in the windshield.

It’s not simply any old LCD screen, either. Sphero has used a trapezium-shaped screen to properly match the condition of McQueen’s windshield from the films.

Actually, there’s advanced tech around this R/C car. There are four touch-sensitive panels along the medial side, bonnet and roof, so when you touch them, McQueen moves up, down, and side-to-side.

Once he’s charged, he’ll also say his favourite catchphrases like “ka-chow!”. He does this through a speaker within the automobile, and his mouth moves as he’s talking.

Most of these things incorporate to seriously bring the character alive, and Cars fan or not, it’s impossible never to feel a

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