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When you dip a sponge mop right into a bucket of gray, soapy water, it’s simple to imagine the selling point of a steam mop: no bucket of water, to begin with, and less focus on your part. Just press a button to heat water from a refillable tank to create steam, and move the mop over your floor. Afterward, the steam evaporates quickly, so there’s less opportunity for streaks-or slips.

To check how well a steam mop cleans, CR’s test engineers apply three condiments that stain-ketchup, mustard, and jam-on 12×12-inch ceramic tiles. Following the soil dries, we take photos, a machine pushes the steam mop over each tile in 10 even back-and-forth strokes. We use photo-imaging software to compare before-and-after images to see the way in which much soil was removed.

The effect? steam mops don’t necessarily clean much better than regular sponge mops-and there are drawbacks.

A steam mop is bound by a cord, typically between 20 and 25 feet long. You’ll have to wash the detachable mop head after every cleaning, and you will possibly not have the ability to clean a whole room with one tank of water.

“And you ought to use distilled water, which means you don’t get a mineral buildup on the heating coils,” says Larry Ciufo, our project leader who tests steam mops.

And there’s your floor to consider. Mop manufacturers claim the mops are safe to use on a number of flooring. But ultimately, it’s wii idea to employ a steam mop on hardwood, and you ought to be careful by using a mop on laminate, linoleum, and other materials. We focused our tests on ceramic tile, that is a surface all steam mop manufacturers get behind. When possible, check with the maker or retailer of your flooring for cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Inside our labs, we compared steam mops with a typical sponge mop. Our testers noted that the sponge mop pushed more of the soil around, instead of picking it up, and that the mop head dry out quickly. But if indeed they kept rewetting the low-tech sponge mop, its cleaning performance was a comparable as-or better than-that of the steam mops inside our tests.

Still, if you want an efficient method of handling smears (think muddy paw prints or sticky baby-food spills), a steam mop could be an excellent addition. For other jobs, we ensure that you rate vacuums and carpet cleaning, too.

Have a look at our steam mop buying guide to obtain a sense which features are helpful, and use our steam mop ratings to obtain the right mop at the proper price. Below, you’ll find reviews of a few of the top steam mops from our tests, listed in alphabetical order (not by CR rank)-plus an instant {co

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