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Our Verdict
The S5 Mini is a good smartphone with an extraordinary selection of features borrowed from its bigger brother, nonetheless it does not really impress at what’s now an extremely competitive price point.

Water and dust resistant
Decent battery life
Screen is bright and colourful
Dodgy fingerprint scanner
Interface isn’t the quickest
Plastic body feels cheap
The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini was quietly announced at the start of July, and it’s really since found its way into all over the world, just how does the pint-sized smartphone condition up?

Well it’s replacing the Galaxy S4 Mini from 2013, but instead of taking cues from that handset it instead looks to its bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy S5, for inspiration.

So far as design goes there is no mistaking that is a close in accordance with the Galaxy S5, with the Galaxy S5 Mini sporting the familiar ribbed faux-metal band around its circumference and the dimpled polycarbonate rear linking it right to its bigger brother.

It offers the HTC One Mini 2, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, iPhone 5C and the LG G3 Beat in its sights, as these shrunken smartphones turn to do battle a few tiers below their flagship brethren.

SIM-free you will need at least £300 (about $470, AU$565) for the Galaxy S5 Mini, while on contact it usually is had free of charge on two year deals starting at £22.50 in the united kingdom.

As I’ve mentioned with regards to design it truly is a mini version of the Galaxy S5, although there is no annoying flap over the microUSB port at the bottom of the handset.

Now it may seem the omission of the protective flap means the Galaxy S5 Mini has lost the dust and water-resistant top features of Samsung’s flagship, but you would be wrong.

Actually the Galaxy S5 Mini holds the same IP67 water and dust resistant rating, meaning you can drop your phone in the bath without it dying.

Seeing as this could be finished with an open microUSB port it will likely be frustrating for just about any Galaxy S5 owners who are experiencing to control the fiddly flap each and every time they would like to charge the device.

It isn’t the exposed connection port at the bottom of the S5 Mini that has me worried if the telephone hits water though – it is the removable rear cover.

The thin little bit of dimpled polycarbonate does snap snugly onto the trunk of the Galaxy S5 Mini, but it isn’t precisely difficult to eliminate and the slender rubber seal that runs around area of the inside doesn’t accurately fill me confidently.

Behind that rear cover you will discover microSIM and microSD slots along with removable 2100mAh battery that ought to give a strong offering, although the Galaxy S5 Mini won’t take advantage of the power efficiency of the Qualcomm processor its your government houses as it’s stuck with a Samsung own-brand 1.4GHz quad-core chip.

Slightly annoyingly you should remove the battery to get usage of the microSIM and microSD slots, which means you can’t easily replace a card while keeping the telephone on.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini measures 131.1 x 64.8 x 9.1mm, meaning it’s just a little chunkier compared to the 8.1mm Galaxy S5, but its smaller 4.5-inch display signifies that regarding height and width it’s much easier to manage.

I came across the Galaxy S5 Mini sat in the palm nicely, however the metallic effect band and plastic rear offered hardly any in the form of grip and I did so come near dropping the handset on numerous occasions. You might like to choose cover because of this device.

At 120g the S5 Mini is a comfortable weight, and it’s really definitely not overbearing on the wrists letting you hold and operate it one handed with relative ease.

The quantity rocker on the left, and on / off switch on the proper, are simple to hit during one handed operation, and I was also easily in a position to reach the physical home key below the screen.

That key is flanked by a back button on its right and a multi-tasking option on the left – again mirroring the setup on the Galaxy S5.

Up top you’ll discover a 3.5mm headphone jack and a tiny black square which is hiding the Infra Red (IR) blaster.

This enables you to utilise the Smart Remote iphone app which comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S5 Mini, and it enables you to control TVs, set top boxes, DVD players, Hi-Fi and other entertainment equipment from your own phone.

It works nicely and the iphone app is simple to setup, so you will be channel hopping very quickly.

The S5 Mini does feel solid and with the capacity of going for a few knocks, nonetheless it does not ooze any premium quality, with the overly noticeable plastic body so that it is feel pretty cheap in the hand – in particular when you compare it to the main one Mini 2 and Xperia Z1 Compact.

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