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My Old Studio Desk
I have been thinking about changing my studio desk for a long time. My old desk, although I had grown used to it, had not been create properly for the needs of a musician. My MIDI keyboard was off aside, and much too high. The qwerty keyboard on a lower life expectancy shelf, much too low. I had manually attached cup hooks along the outer perimeter to carry the many mic and speaker cables set up likely to and from my music interface, compressor, control surface, monitors, etc. Everything kinda’ worked okay, nonetheless it was time for a intensify to an effective studio desk for my home studio.

A Studio Desk for Musicians
an image of platform, the brand new studio desk from output

Along came the plug-in company Output, disruptors they are, with of most things, a studio desk for musicians! And wouldn’t you understand it, it really is designed accurately for the needs folks DAW users. I had viewed some other brands. These were all excellent, but expensive. I couldn’t quite justify the outlay in cash. Platform, the brand new studio desk from Output, hit the sweet spot dead on with regards to features, aesthetics, and price.

This is it, time to take the long delayed plunge!

I ordered the desk, with the optional pull-out keyboard tray. It had been delivered from California if you ask me in Montreal (Canada) in two big boxes, with zero problems at customs – that may often be a major issue for Canadians ordering from america.

Setup was fairly self-explanatory, aside from the keyboard tray. The included pictogram was barely comprehensible. But a pal and I had it determined without pulling out an excessive amount of our remaining hair. I really like the desk, but honestly, it has entailed somewhat of an adjustment.

Re-orienting the Workspace
an image of eli krantzberg new studio desk created by Output

Getting used to the brand new layout and adjusting to the brand new heights took weekly roughly. That was to be likely. But I made one crucial mistake that I’d strongly recommend anyone scanning this and contemplating a fresh studio desk, try to avoid.

I changed the keeping the desk in my own studio as well as changing the desk itself. This won’t necessarily must be a problem. However in my case, it involved re-orienting not merely might work space, but also the sound, and acoustics of my studio. The brand new orientation gets the monitors positioned differently with regards to the walls and door; which as everybody knows, influences the sound. In order I am used to the brand new surrounding of my physical space, I am also needing to “re-learn” my room acoustics somewhat. If you are like me and try to avoid change until or unless really necessary, don’t make both these changes concurrently when you can avoid it!

Conclusion – Output Platform is DEPENDABLE
All in all, I believe this is an excellent studio desk, and an excellent intensify from the audio tracks workstation I had previously. It’s got more rack spaces than I want, therefore i opted to leave the included rack ears off to raised use the available property.

Output’s Platform is dependable, and I expect it’ll be the last studio desk I’ll ever have to buy. I can’t wait to see what Output arises with next!

Read more about the Platform studio desk here:

Pricing, Availability & Delivery Time
The natural coloured version of Platform as observed in this review costs $549/€699 including VAT. The Kodiak Brown version costs $649/€799 including VAT. The keyboard tray is optional and will set you back 150 in both currencies.

Delivery time will be approximately fourteen days within america or more to 6 weeks for European customers. Shipping rates are in a set rate of $99/€99 for the low 48 US states, Canada, and

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