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“You’re into ping pong, aren’t you? We’re thinking about investing in a table for the home. What’s the best ping pong table?”, I’m asked. “Well, that depends. What would you like it for?”, I reply.

This is a reasonably regular conversation. I assume you could say I’ve become a specialist at helping persons choose the best ping pong table for them. Anyway, here’s a blog page post that should become a solid compilation of all conversations I’ve had through the years. I’ve also included links to all or any of my ping pong table reviews.

That is post was at first written in October 2014 but was updated in December 2017. It’s pretty massive, so feel absolve to skip to whichever sections are most highly relevant to you. Let’s begin. And the first question I’ve got for you personally is a significant one…

Do you really desire a table tennis table?
Having a ping pong table at home could be a brilliant way to improve the level of your practice – we did nearly all Sam’s Expert in a Year practice up for grabs in his kitchen). However, it could become quickly forgotten about and stuffed away in a corner somewhere. There are always a couple of things you should think about first…

  1. Have you got space for a table?
    A full-sized ping pong table is 9ft x 5ft (or 274cm x 152.5cm). For anyone who is thinking of investing in a table to use within your house it really is probably worth marking that from the ground and seeing if it appears realistic in order to experiment it (you’ll need at least a meter on all sides regardless if you are simply playing for fun).

Recreational players probably need at least 5m x 3.5m.
Players seeking to do actual training desire a the least 7m x 4.5m.
Local tournaments will most likely offer you a playing court which is 9m x 5m.
At national level tournaments, the court will be 12m x 6m.
For international competition, the ITTF stipulates the very least court size of 14m x 7m.
Do you have enough room? If the answer is no, you can always get a patio ping pong table instead. You’ll also need a patio table if you’re likely to have a table in your garage or shed. Indoor tables can warp, even though kept in a garage.

  1. Who will you play with?
    If you’re just playing for fun then you can certainly play with whoever is actually around. If you’re looking for a few serious practice then you’ll have to think about who you are likely to play with. There are a lot of options;

Does anyone in your own home play? If so, you’re golden.
Have you got friends that live locally that play? Training with them in the home helps you to save on practice fees.
Is it possible to afford a coach? Plenty of table tennis coaches should come to your home.
Would you buy a robot? In the event that you don’t have one to play with you could always choose table tennis robot.
In conclusion, if you are searching for serious training you will need to be sure you’ve got enough room and you have somebody to play with. Once you’ve got that sorted it is advisable to determine how much money you’ve surely got to spend.

What’s your budget?
The cheapest full-size ping pong table on (and the existing bestseller) is £140. The priciest table is £3,599. That’s a fairly huge difference! You don’t have to spend thousands on a ping pong table, but if you wish a competition standard table you should be prepared to pay at least £500/$700.

Cheap ping pong tables
Lots of individuals feel that “a ping pong table is a ping pong table” and end up buying the cheapest one they are able to find. The only problem is… these tables are horrible. The least expensive tables usually are only 12mm thick and a good recreational player can tell that the ball doesn’t bounce correctly. Some cheap ping pong tables don’t even advertise the thickness of their playing surface!

For anyone who is on an extremely tight budget I would suggest investing in a 16mm table. These still aren’t amazing in terms of bounce, nevertheless they are a huge improvement on the nearly unplayable 12mm tables. Ideally, you are interested in 19mm+.

The need for table thickness
If you surely got to this aspect in the post I’m sure you’ve already noticed m

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