Best TCL S405 4K TV Series Black Friday Deals 2021

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While these are typically fine TVs for some viewers, there are several little drawbacks that pickier viewers could be bothered by, and the HDR performance here’s downright disappointing. While these TVs are fine if you wish to spend less than possible, they’re not the very best long-term investment.

You could spend a bit more and get better display quality and a far more enjoyable HDR experience. You can find the 55-inch Vizio E Series for approximately $100 more, or the 55-inch TCL P Series for about $200 more, both which boast better performance. But if you are not picky, the S Series is excellent value bet.

Remember that TCL’s S Series can be obtainable in some smaller sizes, but because these aren’t 4K/HDR compatible, they aren’t being considered part of the review. The 43, 49, 55, and 65 inch S Series TVs all deliver 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, and an integral version of the standalone Roku streaming platform.

We received our 55-inch TCL S Series on loan from TCL, and gave it roughly a day of break-in/warm up time ahead of review and evaluation.

Not really a jaw-dropper, but easy enough on the eyes
For the purchase price, we weren’t expecting much by method of design from the TCL S Series TVs. Usually in this cost range, you get the typical black plastic/charcoal look, with cheap-feeling materials and generally uninspired aesthetics. Fortunately, that’s not the case here.

The S Series continues to be made up of some pretty cheap materials (mostly plastic), but regardless if they don’t really feel terribly sturdy/high-quality to touch, they at least look nice from a distance. Shiny bezels and silver-topped, wide-set feet aren’t specifically new, but they’re still a welcome differ from the typical black plastic look.

Because it’s an edge-lit TV, the S Series can be quite thin from the medial side. You’ll find all of the AV ports on the trunk of it: three HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI ports, a USB input, a cable (coaxial) input, and outputs for optical audio tracks and headphones. Additionally, there is a tiny cutout further to the trunk of it for a typical composite (AV) input. It’s a decent collection of ports for what you’re paying.

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The complete shebang perches on some pretty wide-set feet, so you will want to make certain your TV stand is wide enough for just one of the S Series TVs. Also you can wall-mount it with a typical 400×400 VESA wall mount, though we don’t really advise that because these TVs don’t boast the very best viewing angles (more on that below).

Because that is a Roku TV, you can also find included the tiny, familiar Roku remote that is included with most Roku TVs and Roku products. It’s a little, easy-to-use little clicker with side-mounted volume controls and dedicated shortcut buttons for Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, and Sling TV.

The included Roku platform is among our favorites
It’s pretty hard to get a new TV rather than get smart features with it-built in apps, browsers, and so forth. One reason we love when companies bundle in the Roku platform is basically because you’re basically obtaining a standalone Roku streaming box incorporated with your TV.

We enjoy the Roku platform because of its simple, easy-to-navigate UI and robust collection of apps, which Roku calls “channels.”

Some smart TV platforms and streaming boxes offer you access to the essential programs like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, and so forth, the Roku platform still generally boasts the most robust collection of iphone app options for the most users. In addition, it tends to get the most recent versions of programs much earlier than standalone TV platforms.

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