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Our Verdict
Powerful, competent and a decent UI at launch, it’s still a risk buying this old phone despite the fact that the price is a lot lower.

Good screen
Strong battery life
Powerful your money can buy
Creaky design
Cumbersome software
Slow background de-focus
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be defined by one word: evolution.

The camera was evolved to provide clearer, faster snaps. The fitness-tracking skills of the S5 are increased over the Galaxy S4 by packing in a far more powerful S Health software and a dedicated heartrate monitor on the trunk. A fingerprint scanner increases the soundest Galaxy phone available.

The battery is larger, the screen bigger and brighter, the processor quicker and the look altered.

The spec sheet certainly doesn’t allow it down: a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 2,800mAh (removable) battery, 16 / 32GB of memory (with up to 128GB extra through microSD), among the world’s most vibrant screens which has been extended to 5.1-inches and added biometrics.

Mud still penetrated the casing
However, it’s hard to indicate one stick out feature which will grab the possible user if they handle the Galaxy S5 for the very first time.

And now it has been searching for a long time, & most places aren’t even stocking it because of the actual fact the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 and today, the Samsung Galaxy S8 have emerged to take the mantle of flagship from Samsung, and both give a far better experience and design.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price
If you’re thinking about still picking the Galaxy S5, it’ll cost you £190 in the united kingdom, with the refurbished or used markets the destination to obtain it.

It will likely be about $220 for a similar thing, and AU$350. It’s a fairly woolly place out there with regards to purchasing the Galaxy S5 because so many places are running sold-out, so you will be advised to look around.

The truth is, it’s filled with much older tech than other phones that cost the same, and it will not be getting an Android Nougat, nor does it receive Android Oreo, because of phones powered by Google’s OS having a much shorter software upgrade cycle.

So think about buying something similar to the OnePlus 3T instead – you will be glad you have something a lttle bit newer.

OK, let’s make contact with the original review. The telephone does still have a whole lot choosing it for the budget-minded and there are a few things to consider if you are choosing the older model.

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The messaging around the launch of the Galaxy S5 was that Samsung had paid attention to the consumers and dialled down the gimmicks, focusing instead on why is a phone special to the buyer.

It promised a ‘fashionable’ and ‘glam’ design, a camera that works in the manner you’d want to buy to and strength through being water-resistant.

There’s also the tiny notion of a better version – I was told that it had been more than likely the Galaxy S5 would launch with a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime version in February, with oodles more RAM, a faster processor and QHD screen up to speed.

However, that was pushed back (more likely to do with issues in creating the screen in high enough volumes) and has since appeared in the South Korea-only Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A version. That one includes a Snapdragon 805 CPU, a WQHD screen and all of the top quality features you can want. In short, it is the amazing phone I wish Samsung had announced at first and sold worldwide.

You can always consider the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a smaller phone with equal capacity to the key Galaxy S5, but with a lower-res 720p screen. That’s offset by a metal design, although only around the edge of the telephone – and Samsung has truly gone once more for a light-weight, instead of so that it is feel weighty and ergonomic in the hand.

That phone includes a premium design fused with power beneath the hood – but with a sky high price and the lower-res screen.

Is the Alpha much better than the S5? Have a look at our Samsung Galaxy Alpha review to discover.

The brand new Galaxy Alpha, with a metal frame
And if you wish something just a little smaller, then your Galaxy S5 Mini continues to be obtainable in some places aswell. It’s nearly the same as the larger brother, and the specs have only been dialled down slightly. It isn’t quite got the raw power however the design aesthetic will there be and the heartbeat monitor aswell – well worth looking into unless you want to invest as much.

But enough of your competition: let’s look at among the key questions that Samsung had a need to answer with the Galaxy S5: could it be sufficient in market that’s becoming saturated with decent high-end handsets?

The water resistance can make a splash with a few buyers
The easy answer, from the next you possess it in the hand, is no – for the reason that design simply isn’t up to the same level as famous brands Apple and HTC.

That’s only a tiny section of the story though, and within the hood Samsung has continued its play of stuffing all of the latest specs in and optimising them in a manner that doesn’t suck down oodles of battery.

Was this phone sufficient to keep Samsung fighting with Apple near the top of the sales charts? Yes, but that’s mostly through the impressive marketing machine that rolls out atlanta divorce attorneys territory – and even that hasn’t resulted in the best sales for the brand new phone.

This appears to have already been picked up by the marketplace at large considering that Samsung recently reported that it has sold around 40 % fewer S5 handsets than it did with the Galaxy S4 at the same point in its lifecycle.

The South Korean giant has taken care of immediately the news headlines by stating that it plans to have a closer look at its smartphone strategy and focus on price tiers instead of high end handsets.

Critically, and for the purposes of the review, it feels as though there’s hardly any to shout about with the Galaxy S5 – but perhaps that’s no bad thing for a brand that was accused of bringing pointless innovation with last year’s model.

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