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Ultimate Ears ‘s been around for quite a while now, but got a substantial visibility boost when the business was acquired by Logitech in 2008. Founded by renowned sound engineer Jerry Harvey as a manufacturer of custom in-ear monitors, the acquisition has seen the brand move from its traditional expertise to products that are more mass-market in nature. The effect is a brand that now focuses almost exclusively on lightweight wireless speakers.

The most recent product in Ultimate Ears’ range may be the UE Boom 3. Coming in at Rs. 15,995, this speaker may be the successor to the Boom 2, that was released in 2015 and has since been a favorite option in the high-end wireless speaker category. There are several design and show improvements here, however the positioning remains largely the same – it’s a loud, exciting speaker that may take lots of splashes of water. Let’s review the UE Boom 3.

UE Boom 3 design and features
There are many significant changes in the manner the speaker looks, however the UE Boom 3 largely retains the look and sort of its predecessor. The cylindrical condition and fabric-wrapped exterior reminded us of the Boom 2, as did the large rubber volume controls in the condition of ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ symbols – only the middles of both buttons are actually clickable. However, the speaker is somewhat taller than its predecessor when put upright, and can be a good bit heavier, although this won’t make a major difference to the portability of the speaker.

As was the case with the Boom 2, the UE Boom 3 is rated to be ‘waterproof’, which is to say this comes with an IP67 rating. This signifies that you can immerse the speaker in up to 1m of water for thirty minutes without fearing any damage, assuming you’ve properly sealed off the Micro-USB port in the bottom using its water-tight flap. Interestingly, the speaker can be shock resistant, rated to survive drops from up to five feet.

The fabric wrap protects the drivers from water and in addition looks great inside our opinion, especially since it changes colour somewhat under different degrees of light. There are three colour possibilities in India: black, blue and red, with the blue and red colours looking best inside our opinion. Additionally, the rubberised finish at the very top and bottom of the speaker looks modern and sophisticated, while giving it decent grip and hand-feel.

While some persons will dsicover having less buttons and functions disappointing, we were impressed by the simplicity of the speaker in a few ways. The most notable has three illuminated buttons – one for power, the next for Bluetooth pairing, and the 3rd is a multi-function button for playback and track skipping. An individual tap of the button serves to play or pause, while a double tap skips to another track.

But that’s where the positive side of the UE Boom 3’s simplicity ends. In addition to the dated Micro-USB charging port, there are always a handful of key features missing on the speaker. There is absolutely no 3.5mm socket for wired audio tracks connectivity no microphone for hands-free calling; they are surprising omissions for a speaker that costs Rs. 15,995.

The speaker has two primary drivers and two passive radiators, with a frequency response selection of 90-20,000Hz and a 90dB peak output. Disappointingly, there is absolutely no high-quality aptX codec support, so users will be limited by streaming using the SBC codec. As the quality of the drivers will matter more for wireless speakers, it’s still a substantial omission for this expensive product. The sales package of the UE Boom 3 carries a charging cable but no wall adapter.

UE Boom 3 iphone app and battery life
The UE Boom 3 can only just be paired and used in combination with Bluetooth, and there can be an iphone app for Android and iOS that increases the use experience. The app, which just turns up as just ‘Boom’ on our home screen, helps control the Boom 3. You can put it to use to switch on the speaker and adapt the quantity without touching these devices itself, and also adapt equaliser settings, create wireless daisy chaining, create playlists for compatible programs (Deezer is listed in the app) and set alarms on the speaker. The software also shows the Boom 3’s battery level as an actual percentage.

Beyond this, the software also permits firmware updates for the speaker as so when necessary. Indeed, the iphone app doesn’t do anything special, although the capability to switch on the best Ear Boom 3 remotely is something we found impressive. There is a lttle bit of battery drain because of the active standby necessary to keep the app-based on / off switch running, but this is not a whole lot. We recorded a drain of 4 percent over an interval of 44 hours.

The UE Boom 3 ran for approximately 13 hours on a complete charge, where we used it at varying volumes. That is decent for a radio speaker but is specially best for the Boom 3 given how loud it could get (more on that in the performance section below). You can utilize this speaker for long listening sessions between charges. While a Micro-USB port for charging appears dated, it does complete the job and you may always utilize any wall adapter you have lying around.

UE Boom 3 performance
For our review, we used an Android smartphone as the foundation device for the UE Boom 3. We used Apple Music, high-resolution audio tracks tracks played using PowerAmp, and Netflix to check audio tracks performance on the speaker. As stated, the UE Boom 3 will not support AptX, so Bluetooth streaming was over the normal sub-band codec (SBC).

The condition and driver layout of the UE Boom 3 gives it a wider listening sweet spot than most similar devices, with a primary driver and radiator each on either side of the quantity buttons. This also helps it get very loud, which is, inside our opinion, the largest quality of the speaker. What’s particularly impressive about the loudness of the Boom 3 is that the sound remains relatively clean even at the best volumes.

Starting with Tuxedo’s SO EXCELLENT, we loved the energy the UE Boom 3 taken to the track. Turning the quantity up, the sound was loud, crisp, and calculated, with the catchy beat feeling more exciting than any other time we’ve paid attention to this track. It stayed clean throughout, not falling victim to the normal distortion which can be expected from less expensive Bluetooth speakers playing at their maximum volumes. However, this also ensures that you may want to keep carefully the speaker at a significant distance from you, according to how loud it really is.

Indeed, when kept a number of metres away, the sound from the UE Boom 3 was clean and crisp, and felt wider than what we’d expect from an individual cylindrical speaker. Shifting, Grandtheft’s COMPLETELY Up gave us an improved indication of the sonic signature, which is aggressive and will favour the low-end. As the highs and mid-range are somewhat toned down when compared to lows, the entire sound isn’t too bad with most tracks. We pointed out that slower tracks that are less ‘busy’ are handled better, with the Boom 3 losing its capability to control the mid-range as tracks get faster and busier.

Playing Sunflower by Post Malone, we’re able to once more hear the low-end favoured by the Boom 3, and sometimes the track felt somewhat dull since it isn’t as fast-paced as much of the other tracks we paid attention to upon this speaker. This track can be heavily reliant on its vocals. We pointed out that the sub-bass was somewhat weak, as the mid-bass sounded excellent during our testing. It’s this phenomenal mid-bass that provides the speaker so much character at the low-end, but you will find a definite insufficient punch in the sound.

Completing our music listening tests with Mountains from the Interstellar soundtrack (a high-resolution FLAC file), we liked the sharpness and clean nature of the sound. Image separation and sonic imaging were strong, because of the omni-directional output from the speaker. The amount of separation is comparable to what we’d expect from a similarly priced stereo setup, which is impressive for the UE Boom 3, to state minimal. Separation was most noticeable with instrumentals, and we’re able to distinctly hear different factors of Hans Zimmer’s composition.

Finally, we also watched an bout of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix on our smartphone, with audio tracks playing through the UE Boom 3. Sound was decent enough, and because of the wonderful separation, we quite enjoyed the knowledge when the speaker was put directly behind the smartphone.

The UE Boom 3 has some significant shortcomings for a speaker that costs practically Rs. 16,000. Without microphone, no aux connectivity, no AptX codec support, and Micro-USB charging without included charging adapter, it almost appears not worth the purchase price. However, the speaker’s attractive looks, strong water resistance rating, capability to float, and loud, clean sound are major redeeming factors.

On its most significant parameter – sound quality – the UE Boom 3 comes through generally. Although the sound isn’t ideal because of the weak sub-bass, the Boom 3 is loud, crisp, and exciting generally. You can even take it virtually anywhere with hardly any risk of {harm

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