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Vibration machines have popped up in gyms alongside traditional equipment, and manufacturers claim 10 minutes of vibration a day could be equivalent to one hour spent working out. Sitting on a rapidly shaking platform will, according to claims, improve muscle tone and circulation, and accelerate weight loss.

It’s an attractive prospect: passively sitting on a platform and doing, well nothing, while the body seemingly tones and loses weight alone. But will there be evidence these vibration machines really work as the saying goes they do?

How does it work?
Whole body vibration remedy was in the beginning developed for athletes to increase the effectiveness of their training. Vibration platforms will be contained in some regular conditioning and gym exercises such as for example squats, press-ups and step-ups.

The remedy is undertaken by standing, sitting, lying or exercising on especially designed equipment that oscillates, generally in a horizontal plane, at relatively high frequencies.

The idea is that the vibration signals are transferred into body tissues, tendons and muscles, which increases muscle contractions and in the end increases muscle strength, co-ordination and balance. In the long run, such contractions would increase muscle tissue and energy expenditure, resulting in better control of blood sugar.

Current theory also suggests bone cells are sensitive to the vibration and respond by increasing bone relative density. This has an additional effect on better sugar control.

But they are still theories. The entire ramifications of whole body vibration remedy remain elusive, as scientific tests vary largely in the vibration parameters used.

A recently available study comparing whole body vibration with exercise in male mice especially bred to be become obese and diabetic showed whole body vibration was equal to exercise for bettering muscle quality, control of blood sugar and bettering bone health.

It had been also equivalent in reducing fat tissue – especially in the abdomen, which is recognized as “bad” fat. But caution ought to be exercised when applying findings out of this or any other animal study right to humans.

Recent research found whole body vibration remedy has weight-loss benefits for mice. from
Did it enhance weight loss?
There are a variety of significant dissimilarities between humans and mice. Included in these are size and gait (two legs in comparison to four). The vibration protocol for rodents would likewise have likely been more extreme in comparison to what humans could safely tolerate.

An assessment of trials for whole body vibration remedy in humans showed the outcomes were much less convincing. Whole body vibration remedy alone (without exercise) – usually 3 x weekly, ten to 60 minutes each day over periods of six to 52 weeks – will not support meaningful weight loss (regarded as more than 5% bodyweight).

While small individual studies report weight loss, their methodologies often incorporate diets or other exercises. Such benefits are rarely seen with whole body vibration remedy alone.

However, isolated whole body vibration remedy in similar time doses (30 to 60 minutes) does promote physical conditioning, muscle strength, bone health insurance and functional capacity to an identical extent as the currently recommended 30 to 60 minutes of light to moderate exercise each day.

Other health benefits
Whole body vibration remedy has been tested as a potential stand-alone remedy in several patient groups where their mobility, capacity or desire to attempt exercise is limited nonetheless it is a recommended ther

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