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Difference comparison between E55-C1 and E55-C2: The C-2 has slightly upgraded speakers of 15 watt X 2 instead of the 10 watt X2 on the C1. The response time on the C1 is 6.5ms, as the C-2 is 9ms. This second difference is basically unnoticeable.

Vizio’s 55-inch product is of an identical package and quality to last years. There are many upgrades and downgrades. Price is of course probably the most attractive features. The E55-C1 features full-array LED backlighting rather than the edge-lit variety of all low to mid grade LED TV products. The 55 inch size has 12 zones of Active dimming for increased contrast, more than small sizes and identical to this past year. Vizio Internet Apps Plus can be contained in the E series for the very first time. The E55 is designed for a cost of around $675.99.

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Very thin framing bezel
Easy to create on a TV stand or wall mount because of the lightweight build
Calibration is a lot more than necessary to get the very best out of the TV
LED backlighting good during indirect daylight
The countless different picture modes each have their strong suits
The 2X 15 watt speakers (C-2 model only) are plenty loud to fill an area
The Black Detail feature increases black saturation and boosts contrast
Fan produces noticable clicking noises when it is off
Screen glare from in-room light is poor
Aspect ratio problems with standard def programming cannot be properly addressed
Side angle viewing is poor
Only one 1 USB input

The E55 includes a high quality picture after calibration. Picture depth is pretty solid from front and center.

Picture and Viewing Features
“The entire array backlighting offers better screen uniformity when displaying black and dark scenes”

The Vizio E55 is a fantastic choice for an basic level TV. The “E” means “Entry” level in the end. One attribute which makes the E-series compelling may be the 12 active full array backlighting zones producing a more even distribution of backlighting with less clouding/blooming than mid grade edge lit LED backlit TVs. The 65”-70” have 16 zones, the 50” to 60” have 12 zones as the 48 inch and lower have a still ample 6. More zones are better because their divisions become less noticable to a watchful eye, however the smaller screen sizes don’t need as many because the zones are smaller. As the full array backlighting gives better screen uniformity when displaying blacks and dark scenes, we didn’t see an improved contrast take advantage of the local dimming on the E-series. Colors also going reap the benefits of this backlighting scheme, as there is less washout and uniformity issues. Also, the 120Hz effective refresh rate with a 480 Clear Action Rate backlight scanning feature boosts judder and motion blur. The Clear Action Rate feature may produce unwanted effects in a few circumstances and is way better left off for movies and regular TV programs.

DISPLAY QUALITY Rating: 83/100
The E-series certainly doesn’t contend with a plasma or OLED display regarding picture depth and color, but it’s a clear winner in terms of display quality and screen space for the purchase price. Darker scenes conclude looking somewhat flat and blacks can look as though you will find a haze over them, however the uniformity is good. Colors also seem to be a tad bit beaten up and leave a bit more to be desired.

“The Film mode feature is effective to greatly help with motion judder without taking right out an excessive amount of natural background blur”

Black levels wrap up being somewhat flexible because of the Black Detail option in the Advanced Picture Settings menu. It offers a essential contrast boost gives the picture a far more 3d quality. Colors pop somewhat more too. That is a case where I made a rare exception and choose the Black Detail on the high setting. We normally stray from settings like this given that they typically don’t benefit the entire picture quality. That isn’t the case here.

This is a go from an HD broadcast. Detail and sharpness are high points here while color appears a little lacking

The Film Mode does decrease slightly on judder from movie-source programming without noted unwanted effects. We’re typically skeptical of this sort of de-judder feature but on the Vizio e-series the consequences are subtle enough to be useful.

“Screen glare in a dark room from in-room light can be an issue”

Screen glare can be an issue which will really show up during the night from in-room background lighting. Arrangement of lights can be important. The low quality screen on the E-series models will not contain an ample amount of light absorption techniques.

Side Angle Viewing
Side angle viewing is lackluster as a result of semi matte finish screen. It degrades relatively quickly but performs better with the Black Detail setting on high. There is contrast and color saturation reduction starting at around 20 degrees off center, but becoming pro

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