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The Vizio M50-C1 is a value oriented 50 inch 4K LED TV that people were eagerly awaiting. The M-series has 32 active zones of full array backlighting when compared to 64 on the P-series 4K Vizio. The Clear Action Rate can be reduced to 360 upon this model from 960 on the P-series. But we believe there were a few nice technological improvements in this TV as Vizio has already established additional time to work in the UHD space, especially in the all important upscaling area. Vizio’s new spacial scaling engine is a lot improved because of this year. Pricing because of this new Vizio offering looks to be always a gamechanger because of this year.

Color and Light Flowthrough
Picture Definition, Clarity, Image edges
Gaming Input Lag
V6 processor with Quod Core GPU execute a congrats with Amazon and Netflix Apps (once you obtain it working)
Side Angle Viewing Contrast and Color Loss not severe
5 HDMI inputs (but only one 1 USB)
Visual artifacts and image edge enhancement
Sometimes despite having Reduce Judder switched off it still over-clarified images
No 3D compatibility
No Internet Browser
QWERTY keyboard nearly useless without browser
Yahoo! Apps selection
Judder/Motion Lag when turning off Reduce Judder but a required tradeoff to a far more natural picture
Screen Glare not too intrusive from semi-matte screen
DISPLAY QUALITY Rating: 92/100
“As the zonal manipulation is a clear benefit, I really believe the entire array backlighting itself is the foremost qualitative difference maker here”

You will find a lot to go over in display quality. There are not various options out there for 4K content which makes testing and analysis more difficult. This ensures that upscaling to the native 4K resolution of the panel assumes significant importance inside our analysis since most all you will currently watch (1080p HD, 720p HD, 480p/i standard def) should be upscaled. This places prime importance on the processing ad upscaling engine . That is why, we tend to rate the display quality rating and notes based on those lower resolution signals instead of 4K. The display quality understandably varies predicated on the foundation. BluRay, Broadcast and streaming video from the Amazon Instant App are incredibly defined and excellent, taking good thing about a few of that 4K resolution. Netflix content was somewhat softer, but nonetheless accurate and colorful.

Vizio M50-C1 can be an exceptional value with the display quality it delivers. The 32 LED dimming Zones are a major plus aswell from the BluRay version of Return of the Jedi

Upscaling and Processing
The spacial scaling engine in the M-series is in charge of upscaling from HD to UHD. Due to the lack of the opportunity to stream the limited 4K content available, that is the main qualitative facet of 4K UHD TVs. The brand new M-series Vizio does a fantastic job of upconverting 1080p content. Edges are obvious and detail greatly increased by the resolution since it ought to be. Why else buy a 4K TV right? Vizio gets a passing grade but nothing more as the TVs Sharpness is an excessive amount of even after picture setting adjustment. Sometimes the M-series felt the necessity to continually show us it upgrading features menu in a variety of languages, whilst programming was displaying on the screen. Pressing the Menu button eliminated it, but it’s an annoyance. The Pure Pixel Processing Engine is another welcome addition that reduces noise and increases display quality from a compressed source.

Picture Setting Modes
Vivid – IT comes preset out of your box set to the Vivid setting. The setting includes a significant blue push as the colour Temperature is defined to Cool. The Auto Brightness control is disabled, Backlight 90, Contrast is 50% and Sharpness 60. The normally more on the Vivid setting.

Game Mode – Gamma 2.2 with Game Low Latency setting On. Clear Action setting On. Active LED Zones Off. The Ruduce Judder and Reduce Motion Blur settings set half way 50%. This combo of the TVs features increases response rate for gaming. THE OVERALL GAME Low Latency setting that helps reduce input lag whatever Picture Mode you are employing. IT has incredibly low input lag in the overall game Mode and we usually do not hesitate to recommend this model as a gaming TV.

Computer – Cuts Sharpness to 0. Gamma 2.1. Reduce Judder and Motion Blur 50%. All the advanced settings Off.

Standard – Has a lot more blue push compared to the Vivid setting also set to Color Temp Cool, backlight 58, contrast 50, color 67, sharpness 40.

Calibrated – Near D65K out of your box. Nice warm, natural colors. Backlight 85, contrast, 50, color 50, Sharpness 30. Comes with an 11 point white balance adjustment and uses the standard Color temperature. Flesh tones look warm and greens are tamped right down to natural saturation. The Clear Action setting is defined to Off.

Calibrated Dark – For dark room settings, dials in better black levels better still. Same actual settings as Calibrated Mode except with the Backlight dialed right down to 26%.

There are just two Color Temp choices apart from Computer – Cool and Normal. Think about the standard Color Temp as what would normally be called Warm 1. The Calibrated Mode does an excellent job to getting near D6500K without much dithering with the 11 point white balance.

Recommended (Calibrated) Picture Settings
Calibrated Picture Mode (Adust Backlight Up or Down according to room light conditions)

Picture Menu
More Picture Menu
Backlight: 90 Black Detail: Low
Brightness: 50 Active LED Zones: Off
Contrast: 45 Reduce Judder: 0
Color: 58 Reduce Motion Blur: 50
Tint: 0 Clear Action: Off
Sharpness: 30 Game Low Latency: Off
Film Mode: On
Color Space: Auto
Gamma: 2.1
Color Temp: Normal

Reduce Judder Setting
This setting comes set to 50% in every preset picture modes. It overclarifies the backdrop introducing what some call the soap opera effect – a fake unnaturally increased picture. I would recommend turning this leaving for all but sports programming and Game mode. You will notice somewhat of judder, but that’s natural.

This is an outstanding example of the way the upscaling makes broadcast HD signals look incredibly sharp and detailed

Black Levels and Contrast Reap the benefits of Full Array Backlighting
The most notable top features of the M-series may be the 32 Zones of LED full array backlighting. This technique beats edge lit backlighting in several important ways, namely better contrast and black levels using scenarios and better side angle viewing quality. Toggling the Active LED Zones setting backwards and forwards revealed the better contrast in regions of the picture where in fact the feature increased contrast. As the zonal manipulation is a clear benefit, I really believe the entire array backlighting is the foremost qualitative difference maker here. Black levels appeared very saturated, as soon as calibrated colors looked great. This TVs got plenty of pop for the purchase price in the picture category.

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