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Western Digital is no stranger to the external hard disk drive game, offering a wide range of products which range from lightweight disks to multi-bay network-attached storage enclosures. In this review, we’re likely to look at among the products in the former camp.

Our Western Digital Elements review went simply. We bought a travel through Amazon and acquired our hands dirty with it, evaluating speed, errors and more. After discussing our experience with the travel, we’ll offer you our verdict, that may identify if the Elements drives makes it on our best external hard disks list or if they’re yet another mediocre option.

The answer is somewhat of both. An Elements travel is a wonderful way to have a large amount of storage for cheap, but you’ll have to manage the slow spinning disk, in addition to a shroud that doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence. That’s true for some economical external hard disks and, unfortunately, Western Digital doesn’t seem to be thinking about heading against the status quo.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Two-year limited warranty
Plug & play
No bad clusters per our testing
Phone support for thirty days after purchase

Spinning drive
No included hard disk drive utilities
3TB & 4TB models show diminishing returns

75 % – Good

The Elements drives are centered on portability, stripping away the bulky enclosures and power supplies of desktop hard disks and only a slim form factor. The plastic enclosure seems decent, with a plastic support working along the exterior of the drive, but a few falls will probably place it out of commission.

That’s true for just about any spinning get, though. The travel inside is normally insulated from whatever surface it’s on by four small, rubber feet, which, though handy, probably carry out less job than it’d appear. As the name and marketing recommend, Elements’ drives are said to be basic, therefore the mileage you escape yours will largely rely upon how you address it.

If you’re hard on your own drives or approach them around frequently, make sure you read our LaCie Rugged Mini review. Though more costly, the LaCie Mini includes a weather-resistant shroud that may handle up to 1 ton of pressure.

In the Elements field, you’ll get the drive, an obnoxiously long legal agreement and a USB 3.0 cable that terminates with a USB type A connector. It would’ve been nice to visit a cable for USB type C, aswell, because they’re increasingly common. The performance wouldn’t modification – the interface continues to be USB 3.0 – but that convenience matters.

Western Digital Elements CREATE
The Elements drives are plug-and-play, meaning the required drivers to perform them are incorporated with your operating system. Out of your package, the drives are place to utilize Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. It’ll use macOS, too, but you’ll have to reformat the drive.

Plugging in the USB 3.0 micro B connector – the the one that appears like two micro USB connectors smooshed together – results in a surprisingly satisfying click. One’s teeth that seal the bond pick up on tight and don’t release, which can be reassuring with a lightweight drive.

We tested the 2TB model on Windows 10, so, unsurprisingly, Windows took the get without hassle. What’s surprising, though, is definitely that the get was empty. Usually, external hard disks come packed with installers for things such as for example backup utilities and disk checkers. With an Elements get, you get yourself a blank canvas.

That could be an excellent or bad thing according to what you want. For all of us, it’s a very important thing, because we’d rather pick the tools you want to backup (reading our best online backup information to find what those are). Having said that, novices is going to be unaware there are Western Digital utilities available, so having an installer preloaded may help ease confusion.

Western Digital Drive Utilities
Even so, it seems sensible that Western Digital doesn’t include any utilities over the travel because there aren’t any. Beyond a diagnostic tool for Windows, Western Digital doesn’t possess any downloads for Elements drives.

Critical tools are missing, including a backup and security utility. The moniker the Elements drives bear is usually telling. They’re designed to store info, and that’s it. If you’re seeking for more features, it’s probably easier to have a look at Western Digital’s My Publication line (browse our Western Digital My Book assessment).

Speed & Performance
70 % – Decent

We use multiple tools for screening the speed and performance of external hard disks. All of the tools we employ for testing happen to be independent – indicating utilities such as for example Seagate SeaTools will be off the table –

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