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The very best Wi-Fi extenders provide Wi-Fi signal where your router leaves off, eliminating dead spots in specific rooms without switching to a pricey mesh networking system. These small and economical Wi-Fi signal boosters plug in to the nearest outlet to supply an instant solution for weak wireless signal and spotty coverage. Whether you call them Wi-Fi extenders, signal boosters, or wireless repeaters, each of them do a similar thing: provide better Wi-Fi signal where you will need it.

We’ve reviewed wall plug units which can be hidden behind the couch and desktop units that prioritize power over aesthetics, however the best Wi-Fi extender for you personally is the the one that can be positioned to include wider Wi-Fi coverage where you will need it, whether it’s to get work done in a basement office or stream shows out in the backyard.

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The very best powerline extenders send your network at home
Overall, our rating conditions include design, range, throughput, setup and which settings you can adjust. But our tips aren’t purely about speed and coverage, but also price. The very best Wi-Fi extender for you personally will meet your coverage needs and become convenient to use, together with fitting your budget.

What are the very best Wi-Fi extenders?
Predicated on our in-depth tests and hands-on use in a genuine home, the very best Wi-Fi extender available may be the TP-Link RE650 AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender. It has great range and performance in a plug-in design that’s simple to install generally in most any room. In addition, it has a helpful smartphone application which makes managing your network easier.

If you’re ready to purchase top performance, the Editor’s Choice Netgear AX1800 4-Stream Mesh Extender (EAX20) is the better extender in the marketplace, with Wi-Fi 6 speeds and built-in mesh support, but it’s a more substantial desktop model that isn’t as simple to hide.

For a versatile plug-in extender which has a basic plug-in design, we also just like the Rock Space AC1200 WiFi Extender, which includes a realistic price, simple setup and great basic performance which will use any 802.11ac network.

How to opt for the best Wi-Fi extender for you personally
JUST HOW MUCH Should a Wi-Fi Extender Cost? The least expensive Wi-Fi repeaters will most likely sell for under $50, and our current budget pick sells for half that. Newer signal boosting devices have support for the most recent wireless standards and offering technologies like beam-forming and Mu-MIMO for increased performance will most likely cost more, but even the very best extenders could be had for under $200.
Plug-In or Desktop? Some signal boosters use small plug-in designs that hook up right to a wall outlet, they aren’t the only choice. The best Wi-Fi extenders use larger designs that take a seat on a desk or shelf, similar to a normal router. These larger devices don’t possess the same size and weight limitations of plug-in units, enabling better antenna placement and better internal hardware. Plug-in models, alternatively, will often be less costly and more convenient to set up.
Match Wi-Fi Standards: When you might not exactly pay much focus on which wireless standard your router uses, it will surely have an impact how helpful your extender is. If your wireless router uses the existing 802.11ac standard, you’ll want to make certain your extender does, too. The older 802.11n standard is slower and frequently is limited to 1 band, that will create a bottleneck in your Wi-Fi coverage, slowing your entire browsing and streaming. But that’s a problem only when your router offers better speeds. In case you have a mature wireless-N router, a matching extender can do the work just fine.
Placement Is Everything: Both wireless routers and Wi-Fi extenders use radio waves to talk about data backwards and forwards with your web connection. You must find somewhere that’s close enough to the router to seize a solid signal to rebroadcast, but far enough away to increase the network’s range to where it’s needed. Need more help? Have a look at our guide to Wi-Fi extender placement.
Consider an Upgrade: If your wireless router isn’t providing the speeds or coverage you want, it could be better to miss the Wi-Fi extender totally and get yourself a new router. Newer models offer better performance, and mesh routers enables you to expand your wireless coverage across even the major home. (Among our editors traded in his router-and-extender blend for a Netgear Orbi mesh system. Understand why he says “This mesh router is the foremost thing I bought through the pandemic.”)
How exactly we test Wi-Fi extenders
Every Wi-Fi extender we review is evaluated predicated on a combo of in-depth tests and hands-on consumption in a genuine home. This mixture of real-world use and manipulated lab-condition testing gives us a clear picture of how well each device performs.

We use Ixia’s IxChariot testing software to measure throughput at a number of distances and environmental conditions. This consists of testing with the extender located at 50 feet and 75 feet from the router. The program simulates traffic in a busy wireless network while measuring data flow backwards and forwards. The results are proven in megabits per second (Mbps) far away from the extender, with higher numbers indicating better performance.

Measuring the throughput at various distances also allows us to determine the effective selection of the extender, providing you a much better knowledge of how well a device can do in within the farthest corners of your house.

We also use each product in a genuine home, which includes signal-thwarting brick walls and the type of strong construction that basic routers battle to contend with. For the reason that environment we utilize the network for from hearing music and streaming video to performing additional tests and even writing the review.

Our reviews include additional information regarding the set-up process, the quirks and cool areas of design, and every one of the settings and management functions these devices offers. If you wish to find out about the best Wi-Fi extenders in the above list, just browse the full reviews for more descriptive information.

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