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Most startups say they’re “disrupting” a business, but Wyze happens to be. With their incredibly affordable cameras costing less than $20, we got the same great benefits as other smart security camera systems we’ve reviewed, but at a fraction of the purchase price. In this review, we’re trying out the Wyze Cam, their original camera, combined with the Wyze Cam Pan, its sister. Which is right for you personally? Read on to discover, or watch our video reviews below.

Wyze Camera Video Reviews
They say an image is worth one thousand words, just how many words is a video worth? Well, whatever that number is, double it because we’ve made two videos of the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan, so that you can see their night and day vision for yourself.

Wyze Cam Video Review
The Wyze Cam has practically each of the features we’ve come to anticipate from a good security camera with 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and infrared night vision. Take a look!

Wyze Cam Pan Video Review
The Wyze Cam Pan is actually the Wyze Cam pushed up to another level, and luckily for all of us, it only costs about $10 more. We loved seeing our entire living room by panning this camera around 360 degrees! View it for yourself.

The Wyze Cam vs. the Wyze Cam Pan
As you can plainly see from the above chart, the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan are really similar, although the Pan costs $10 more. Sure, that’s 150 percent a lot more than the Wyze Cam, however when you’re starting of them costing only $20, that didn’t make a lot of a difference according to your bank account.

Installing the Wyze Cameras
The Wyze Cam mounted on our wall.
Part of why the Wyze cameras cost so little may be the fact that people had to set up them ourselves. But don’t worry; you don’t need to test out security camera systems for a living to create either camera. We did so in a few easy steps:

First, we downloaded the Wyze iphone app and linked it to your Wi-Fi network, which for reasons uknown we can never seem to be to keep in mind the password of.
We made a fresh account including a account and clicked continue, then your application told us step-by-step how to proceed next.
Next, we plugged the cameras in using the USB cables and power adapters that was included with them. After we plugged in the cameras, their LED lights showed yellow, as soon as they started flashing, we knew these were ready for setup.
From there we jumped back to the Wyze software and clicked on the plus sign to include a fresh device (or devices, we ought to say). After we selected the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan, we held the setup buttons on the trunk of the cameras until we heard a beep; then, a robot voice said “prepared to connect”. We tapped next, added our Wi-Fi information in to the app, scanned the cameras’ QR codes, and tapped “I heard QR code scanned” in the Wyze app. The iphone app took it from there until it said: “setup is completed”.
From learn to finish, it only took us about ten minutes to create each camera, so if smart home technology is not used to you, you almost certainly won’t come across any issues getting the Wyze cameras create and running.

Which One MUST I Get?
Overall, we’d recommend obtaining the Wyze Cam Pan over the Wyze Cam. Sure, it’s $10 more, but it’s superior regarding field of view, the opportunity to pan, and its own infrared night vision. Plus, it’s still only $30, that is a tiny slice of what indoor cameras normally cost. However, if you’d prefer to save {a lo

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