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Microsoft’s design goals are clear: Create a minimalistic headset that gives private sound experience for players without raising the purchase price too high. If you were vastly underwhelmed by the easy little telemarketer headset that was included with your Xbox One and controller, you will likely be considering this stereo headset. Once you have this headset, you’ll also want to discover how to hook up an xBox one headset easy setup for wired and wireless headphones.

Available in black or white, the headset gets right down to business immediately. The earcups are just about the most interesting parts: they are broad over-the-ear cones offering as much room as even the major earcups on high-end models, but of them costing only a fraction of the weight. The complete headset only clocks in at around 9 ounces, and it’s an odd feeling initially to have such encompassing earcups on such a lightweight headset. The headband is a simple layer of rubberized padding, and the distance adjustments derive from simple push/pull ratcheting. Nothing unfamiliar, and nothing wasted.

The earcup material itself is a simple weave designed more for longevity than comfort. Like other weaves, it will trap dust a touch too well, however the lightweight design keeps it from being uncomfortable at any point.

A lightweight headset for a far more informal upgrade.
There aren’t controls upon this space-saving headset. Instead, Microsoft includes an expanded plugin adapter, nearly the same as the in-box mic the controller uses. Plug this into your controller, and you will mute, change the quantity, and alternate chat volume balance. On Xbox systems, this controller-based control option is welcome, and timesaving in comparison to reaching up to buttons on the headset itself.

The mic is notable because of its “hidden” design when it flips seamlessly up in to the headband, making accidents not as likely when putting the headphones away. The mic is just a little short and fully plastic, however the sound dynamics work very well nonetheless: It’s not superior communication, nonetheless it gets the work done and keeps the boom taken care of concurrently.

With “stereo” in the name, it’s pretty clear what type of sound Microsoft offers here. With those extra-large earcups and the 40mm neodynium drivers, this stereo is most likely much better than what you’re used to, although it’s still a long way off from surround sound. There’s hardly any directionality, and bass is commonly soft at lower volumes – although this increases when you crank the sound up.

Ultimately, if you don’t have any headphones, or have an inexpensive pair and want to upgrade, these provides somewhat of extra advantage in terms of filtering out sounds and signals. However, they don’t offer much environmental sound, and pinpointing noise remains tricky: they’re best used when you wish a slight audio tracks advantage but are particularly enthusiastic about the privacy and simplicity that

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