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The Xbox One was constructed with a specific vision at heart, and it was the one which included much more than games. From streaming videos to dollops of motion sensing in the sort of Kinect, it aimed to be the centre of your living room – much like Microsoft envisioned the initial Xbox to be, when it launched in 2001.

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Slimmer consoles usually release 3 or 4 years following the release of the initial, a cadence we’ve seen with both PS3 and Xbox 360, therefore the Xbox One S can be an expected, known quantity. It punctuates this type of amount of the Xbox One’s lifecycle with a resounding exclamation point that signifies it finally finding its feet after several management changes. Possibly the biggest change, however, may be the console’s renewed focus.

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Compared to the Xbox One, the Xbox One S targets its greatest strength – games. In lots of ways, the Xbox One S is what the Xbox You need to have already been at launch. It sports a clean, modest design, & most importantly, doesn’t desire a bulky power brick.

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Furthermore, it relegates everyone’s favourite spy cam, the Kinect, to as an accessory that now actually takes a special adapter. That is clearly a problem for all the Xbox One owners that still utilize it, lots that’s small enough to create it a non-issue.

There’s support for 4K UHD Blu-ray disc playback and high dynamic range or HDR – that allows a truer, more accurate selection of colours, if you would desire a tv set with HDR support in order to experience this. Not to mention there’s a bump in specifications to create your games a lttle bit more stable even in the busiest of sections.

While it’s unlikely that you will notice many of these under-the-hood changes in comparison with the initial Xbox One, the brand new design, and improved construction make the Xbox One S a lot better to like than its predecessor.

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From an all matte finish that’s not a fingerprint magnet, to removing the featherlight power button, there’s a bunch of neat little tweaks that produce this an improved Xbox One. Oh, rather than to say the 40 percent decrease in size. Gone may be the early 80s VCR bulk and styling.

Decked up in what Microsoft calls Robot White, it is straightforward on the eyes with a thoughtful arrangement of inputs for instance a USB port upfront, as well as the two at the trunk. Audiophiles should remember that while Sony has removed optical music output on the PS4 Slim, the Xbox One retains it. The Xbox One S is a robust, elegant little bit of kit – though one you’d need to clean extremely often. During our time with these devices we noticed it that although it was durable, it had been simple to mar its pristine exterior, even though transporting it in a backpack. After a couple of days useful, we noticed marks and smudges. Luckily, because of its matte finish, we were holding simple to remove.

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Together with the Xbox One S, comes a revamped controller also in Robot White. It sports a bunch of modifications which range from a textured grip at the trunk that’s not as pronounced since it was on special edition controllers, a 3.5mm jack for audio, and buttons that contain a good, clicky feedback.

Though the hardware is an excellent improvement over its predecessor atlanta divorce attorneys aspect, the OS isn’t quite there yet. It didn’t lag like our first generation Xbox One, however the sense of overall sluggishness was hard to get rid of. Minor annoyances would rear their head extremely often such as for example taking screenshots or recording video not being as easy as it may be. These may be hangovers from the original direction to be a device also designed for media and consumption. Taking into consideration the Xbox One OS has remarkably improved over its initial release, we’re hopeful our grievances are alleviated with further system updates.

Obtainable in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants, the Xbox One S will probably be worth considering unless you already own an Xbox One. As we explained in the beginning, it’s what the Xbox You need to have already been. It’s a welcome change for new buyers, but there is no strong reason to upgrade, and the timing of its arrival couldn’t have already been stranger.

That’s just because a souped up, better Xbox One, dubbed Project Scorpio arrives next year, so Xbox One owners should consider holding off for the present time. It’s worth pointing out, however, that Project Scorpio is not actually direct competition to the Xbox One S, and it will not be out for about a year anyway. And far just like the PS4 Pro, you will desire a 4K display with HDR to achieve the most from it, which bumps up the entire cost drastically.

However, while an improved TV does complement the Xbox One S experience, it is not necessary as games output at the same resolution as the Xbox One. And due to the fact Project Scorpio is likely to be fairly more costly too, it creates the Xbox One S a decent option if you are not looking to fork out for a fresh 4K and HDR TV any moment in the future.

There is no release date for India yet, although you can pick one up from around Rs. 30,000 onwards if you are ready to import it or scour the grey market. In the event that you absolutely must buy an Xbox One at this time, overlook the original, and go limited to the Xbox One S.


Gorgeous commercial design
Sweet form factor
No power brick!
Whisper quiet

Unavailable officially yet
Robot white is simple to smudge
OS concerns still persist

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