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The YSP-5600 provides a thrilling, immersive performance with excellent overhead surround sound and a good amount of great features

Excellent surround sound
Good impression of height
Expansive, open soundfield
User friendly and set up
A lot of streaming features
Could have significantly more insight and dynamic subtlety
The large design won’t suit all spaces
Yamaha, meet Dolby Atmos – the surround sound technology that adds overhead sound to create an immersive cinema experience.

Dolby Atmos, meet up with the Yamaha YSP-5600 – which, for a hefty £1600, aims to supply a really enveloping soundfield from above, without speakers in your ceiling.

Just how does Yamaha do it? The same manner its YSP selection of soundbars have always done surround sound: using multiple array speakers and proprietary IntelliBeam technology to precisely aim discrete channels of sound around the area.

The YSP-5600 simply adds upward-firing drivers in to the mix to aid Dolby Atmos soundtracks.


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There are 46 speakers altogether beneath the Yamaha YSP-5600’s grille: 44 array speakers and two woofers. Of the arrays, 12 are being used as ‘height’ channels – six upward-firing drivers on each side bounce sound off the ceiling at only the right angle to create it appear to be the sound is via above.

Yamaha claims that the YSP-5600 produces the same effect as a 7.1.2 system. That’s seven surround speakers with one subwoofer and two upward-firing speakers. All in one single bar. That is clearly a bold claim.

You’ll need to calibrate the soundbar to your room, in order that it knows where you can angle and bounce the output of these 44 speakers – an essential step because of this soundbar to work properly. A set-up mic is roofed, and the procedure takes roughly one minute.


Play the Blu-ray of John Wick (mostly of the discs with an Atmos soundtrack) and the Yamaha spreads sound over the room with exceptional accuracy. The soundfield is massive.

You can hear surround-sound effects – the sharp ping of gunshots, the chirping of morning hours critters, the club music – via beside you and behind you in a convincing manner.

Does it really offer you sound from above? Yes, it can. A Dolby Atmos demo an eye on raindrops falling is more before you instead of directly above your mind – however the height remains.

The ultimate sound will be damaged by how reflective your room is, but there’s scope to explore the soundbar’s menu and tweak the parameters.

The YSP-5600 won’t fully replicate the result of experiencing physical speakers in the ceiling for Atmos, but delivering such a convincing sense of height and atmosphere from an individual chassis is actually impressive.

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We can’t fault the YSP-5600’s surround precision, but we do wish it had been somewhat more revealing of a film’s soundtrack. Voices could possibly be fleshed out somewhat more obviously to mention nuances.

We also want an impression more subtlety to shifting dynamics – as the film flits between quiet, conversational occasions to tense fight scenes, we wish an impression more build-up and excitement to the proceedings.

A bit more subtlety would make the Yamaha soundbar that bit more captivating to hear.

Despite having those relatively small niggles, the Yamaha offers a solid performance filled with detail and power. The low-end performance has ample weight, lending authority to the thwack of flesh hitting flesh as the fights get hairy.

Regardless of how high we turn the soundbar’s volume up – and it could go pretty loud – the sound never hardens up at the very top.

The same could be said for stereo music when streaming over Bluetooth or internet radio. It might do with an increase of insight, however the sense of excitement and punch remains.

Yamaha also makes a partnering wireless subwoofer, but choosing that option hikes the purchase price up to £1900 and, quite honestly, the bar doesn’t require it. The low-end is hefty enough alone.


We can’t disregard the apparent elephant in the area any more: this soundbar is huge. We’d expected it to be fairly wide to support that number of speakers inside, but it is the height that smacks us with surprise.

Measuring 12cm, it’s tall enough to obstruct underneath of almost all modern televisions.

That height will pose a problem for most, as you’ll want to put the soundbar directly below your TV therefore the sound matches what’s on screen. So if you don’t have a TV that stands on stilts, you’re looking at wall-mounting it at least.

We wouldn’t stick it on the shelf under your TV either, as which will block the upward-firing speakers from doing their job.

Placement issues aside, the soundbar itself is a sturdy, well developed object. It’s fairly slim, considering there are 46 speakers inside. There’s a reassuring weight to the metal chassis, the all-black finish is spotless and the easy control buttons all look neat and orderly.

It doesn’t quite have the luxurious finish of the Dali Kubik One, but no other soundbar we’ve tested looks quite as stylish as the Dali. We do appreciate the discreet look of the YSP-5600 – it’s improbable to stand out sorely in your living room.

Our only major grievance is that leading display is too small and difficult to learn behind the grille. We’d to squint whenever to learn the scrolling text.


You do get your money’s worth regarding features, though. The YSP-5600 includes the most recent streaming tech you’d find in virtually any of Yamaha’s top AV receivers.

Along with standard Bluetooth and AirPlay streaming, additionally you get access to a large number of songs because of Spotify Connect integration and internet radio.

Streaming from your own smartphone is swift and simple, in particular when you utilize Yamaha’s MusicCast app.

Even when you won’t be using Yamaha’s new multi-room feature (which streams music across MusicCast-supporting products), the iphone app makes establishing the soundbar together with your home network and streaming from your own smart device that bit easier.

It’s also essential if you need to utilize the Home Theatre Controller (WLAN) iphone app to regulate other areas of the YSP-5600.

It’s somewhat of a pain needing to use both software (although you can switch between your two with one tap), however the HT Controller’s interface enables you to make finer adjustments to the YSP-5600’s sound beams, choose the various sound modes and change the quantity.

We prefer using the handy remote control for all those functions, though. It’s organized logically, the big buttons respond quickly and it’s a far more practical design than we’ve previously seen from Yamaha.

It’s not absolutely all about streaming. You get yourself a good collection of physical connections, all neatly saved behind the soundbar. There are four HDMI inputs with 4K/60p pass-through, and one HDMI output. Additionally, there are two opticals, one coaxial and some analogue inputs.

Together with Dolby Atmos, the YSP-5600 will support DTS:X, the other big 3D sound format, but you’ll have to update the firmware at another date for the entire support.

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The YSP-5600 successfully does what it sets out to accomplish: deliver overhead surround sound from an individual soundbar. It’s a hugely impressive technological feat, but here’s the dilemma: is that Dolby Atmos support worth the premium price?

There aren’t many Atmos films from Blu-Ray at this time, and it looks set to be that method for the near future. However, the types we’ve heard are worth buying, and it does make us excited for future years of surround sound.

But we appreciate not everyone can use a fully separate speaker package within their living room, aside from add more in to the ceiling. For all those people, the YSP-5600 can be an elegant solution with a genuinely immersive effect.

Yes, it’s expensive, but there is absolutely no other soundbar {in the marketplace|out there|avail

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