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The Yeti Hopper line has long featured this large soft-sided cooler bag with an over-the-shoulder strap and a good amount of space for weekend camping trips. With the M30, they’ve upgraded this bag from the original leakproof zip-top to a fresh generation of watertight magnetic closures. But before you get all worked up about walking from the struggle of giant, tough zippers, understand that there’s a bunch of new and various challenges that go with this change. Beyond the most notable closure mechanism, this remains the same kind of tried-and-true cooler. We retested this latest model together with the rest, however the biggest change is that magnetic strip rather than the typical Yeti zipper.

Performance Comparison

Insulation Value
The M30, using its signature closed-cell foam, maintained 40°F or lower temperatures for an extraordinary 73 hours of our torture testing. This is not as impressive as some coolers that lasted over four full days, but it’s still on the top quality of coolers we tested. Furthermore to thick, watertight magnetic strips sealing the most notable of this cooler, in addition, it has two over-the-top straps that clip the whole lot closed and pull the very best in tighter to include simply a little extra insulation and protection against spilling if tipped. And unlike the tough zippers of other Yeti coolers that require a good amount of muscle to open and close them, the magnetic strips close themselves, and that means you do not have to worry about accidentally leaving the cooler open again.

Gone may be the zipper of old and instead this watertight magnetic strip seals in your provisions.

Ease of Use
The power of the magnetic strips to “auto-seal” the cooler you should definitely used does become a lttle bit of a hindrance when trying to load this cooler on your own. It wants SO badly to seal that it chomps hungrily on your own hand, wrist, or whatever you’re trying to place in/take out from the cooler. You almost need three hands, something to wedge this cooler open, or a strong object to push the cooler against in order to hold it open while filling it with your entire weekend goodies. It can open wider than its predecessor, but only when you can take it that way, since it doesn’t stay on its. We found ourselves struggling in the supermarket parking lot, holding one side against a lesser leg and the other side on a hubcap in order to fill it with the mandatory bag of ice to keep every thing cold. “Frustrating” and “annoying” are a number of the more PG words uttered while wanting to dump a major bag of ice into this cooler.

If you can fit adequate food in this cooler, it really is exceptionally challenging to load it up alone, because of its new magnetic closure that never ceases wanting to consume whatever extremities venture inside.

We appreciate the excess security of both over-the-top buckles in securing this cooler, but we’re baffled as to the reasons they’re not adjustable. When the cooler is full to the brim with goodies on ice, the straps simply aren’t long enough to stretch outrageous of the cooler. As soon as the ice has melted somewhat and you’ve eaten down your rations, the straps are on the loose side. And, like the majority of Yeti coolers (but unlike most competitors’ coolers), there’s not really a single extra pocket of dry storage anywhere upon this bag. Sure, Yeti’s HitchPoint system enables you to buy and attach any extra pockets or gizmos you want, but we think a cooler should have a little bit more right from the start. Just as before, we think the original design components for a really great and convenient cooler is there, but our testers believe that the devil may be the details, especially with this cooler.

These over-the-top straps aren’t adjustable, but we wish these were.

Among the major coolers in this review, the M30 is never likely to be an impressively lightweight option. It weighs just over 7lb even before you fill it to the brim with gallons of liquids, containers of food, and ice to the very best. For its design of carry (messenger bag), it isn’t awful, but it isn’t amazing. The shoulder strap padding is wide and comfortable, that makes it much more enjoyable to transport. With two tall over-the-top handles, it can even be carried such as a tote for an instant grab from the car or onto a picnic table. There’s yet another handle near to the top on the backside aswell, that functions as an instant grab – particularly if the cooler is empty. We aren’t the largest fans of the way the shoulder strap connects, though. It’s clipped onto each end below the corner, making the strap within an unpredictable arrangement when you grab it quickly. Sometimes it’s where you want to buy for carrying, but more regularly, it’s oddly located and must be pushed some way over a corner or two to achieve the optimal carrying comfort. It isn’t a dealbreaker, and we appreciate the versatility in order to make it on either side and even cross-body, nonetheless it takes a supplementary step and may be somewhat annoying at times.

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