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Yeti is definitely a major name in the cooler world, plus they continue steadily to prove themselves worth the hype with the Tundra 65. This cooler proves itself atlanta divorce attorneys test we are able to throw at it, easily winning our Editors’ Choice Award. It has a few of the best-performing insulation in the overall game and is intensely durable. It can all you want from a chest cooler and more. With an included dry bin for sensitive items, handles that are comfortable and simple to use (despite having sweaty palms…), and the proper combo of size and condition for your picnic necessities, the Tundra is probable the last cooler you’ll ever need. Often imitated, however, not outdone, this impressive cooler lacks only a leash for the drain plug to create it the perfect all-around cooler in the marketplace.

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Our Analysis and TEST OUTCOMES
The Tundra is a rotomolded cooler with dual handles and an interior height of 10.5 inches it doesn’t enable an average-sized 2L soda or wine to stand upright inside. It features tie-downs, lock points, and anti-slip feet.

Performance Comparison

Go more places with the satisfaction the Tundra can offer.

It’s hard to ask a lot more from a cooler than what the Tundra provides in insulation. Tied with just one single other impressive cooler, the Tundra lasted the longest inside our insulation testing, holding food-safe temperatures below 40º F for 6.5 days and optimal beer temperatures of 50º or less for 7.4 days. Though it isn’t the only model we tested that’s rotomolded (a lot of them are, actually), neither is it the only cooler with a hinge and a freezer-quality gasket, these traits coupled with a perfect condition help the Tundra to keep colder temperatures for a lot longer. Unlike lots of the other visually similar models, the Tundra is low and long without having to be too wide for just one person to comfortably carry, and large enough to keep every thing you want without having to be so big it loses cold air through a sizable surface area.

Yeti no more makes specific claims of ice retention, because they admit that number will change greatly based on everything you do to prep your Tundra and everything you put in it. Considering we didn’t pre-cool these models to prep them during testing and made no effort to baby them with frozen contents, the 6.5 days this cooler kept its contents at USDA approved temperatures is a lot more impressive. With regards to insulation, the Yeti Tundra is a seriously exceptional cooler.

Keep food fresh for longer in the Tundra.

One of the coolers inside our review certified for use in grizzly bear country by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, the Tundra shares the limelight with an increasing number of other rotomolded (plus some non-rotomolded) coolers. This impressively durable cooler has more tricks up its proverbial sleeves. It’s intensely strong and even includes a textured lid that means it is more comfortable to take a seat on if you are hot and sticky, in addition to a more friction-friendly stepladder in a pinch. The integrated hinge does not have any problems overextending without breaking – though it can make some interesting noises. The often imitated rubber latches will be the Goldilocks of thickness and flexibility, lending both toughness and reassurance that they aren’t likely to break whenever your toddler yanks on them.

Though most coolers we tested have a rubber gasket around the lid, the Tundra seals in the contents and leaks no air or liquid – we wish we’re able to say the same for just about any of the rolling coolers we tested. In addition, it includes a rubber gasket around the drain to avoid leaking – and do not worry, if you lose the plug, you can buy an upgraded piece from Yeti. To torture these coolers, we left them in the hot sun on a scorching driveway for a complete afternoon to see what would happen. Although lid of the Yeti bowed slightly through the warmest parts of your day, it efficiently returned on track as the sunrays became less intense. While we didn’t do the crazy things from Yeti’s YouTube channel, our toughness testing demonstrates the great longevity of the cooler.

The Tundra features throughout burly construction, like the hinges.

Ease of Use
Though it might take a few bouts of practice, the Tundra could be quickly opened with one hand whenever your other hand is packed with what to stuff inside. It is also a simple, easy condition to facilitate loading and unloading. The lid stays open when it’s needed, yet closes easily with just the suggestion of a push. And unlike almost every other cooler we tested, it stays open without actually overextending the angle of the hinge – a crucial feature whenever your cooler is supported against the railing on the patio or the medial side of the boat. It, like numerous others we tested, has two sets of handles: one set is hidden as indents beneath the lid, as the other set can be an easily grabbed rope with moveable grips in the centre. This dual handle set helps it be easy for a couple of persons to transport the Tundra, without adding extra bulk to the entire condition of the cooler, as observed in the awkwardly shaped OtterBox.

A dual-use drain makes emptying your soggy Tundra simple. Simply unscrew partially to let water seep out of your hole in the drain plug, or completely take away the plug for faster drainage – though in the event that you want to go the quick route, make certain you do not misplace it, as there is absolutely no leash to add it to the cooler itself. Though there is a tiny lip in the drainage channel, it generally does not impede the water’s departure from the cooler, which isn’t the case of several of the cooler’s competitors. The Tundra also has a dry item (or small item) basket that people find incredibly useful and may be easily removed and left out when you certainly do not need it. Our only complaint with the usability of the cooler is that it is advertised to carry 65 quarts when the truth is it includes just 56. Though that’s a major difference, we think how big is the Tundra is far more convenient than most models that are actually 65 liter

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