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A conversation about premium coolers is rarely completed without mentioning “Yeti” somewhere in it. Yeti has been among the industry leaders in ice chests for quite some time now and their tested approach has won over an extremely loyal group of fans. Yeti has the most various product lineups of any cooler company. Not merely do they have a sizable collection of hard-sided coolers nonetheless they also offer many different soft-sided coolers, drinkware, bags, buckets, and more.

This review will be concentrating on the Yeti hard-sided cooler lineup. Specifically, these ice chests have already been dubbed the Yeti Roadie Series, the Yeti Tundra Series, the Yeti Tank Series, and the Yeti Silo Series. If you would like to find out more on the Yeti soft-sided coolers, you can examine out our huge review located here.

Before we enter our huge discussion of the numerous several types of Yeti Coolers, have a look at our table below that lists what we feel will be the best Yeti Coolers.

Yeti Cooler Lineup
As we mentioned earlier, Yeti comes with an enormous selection of hard-sided coolers to select from. They have arguably the major and most varied collection of anybody in the market. Regardless of what size, shape, and application you are searching for, Yeti likely includes a product which will fit your preferences. We will breakdown the many lineups blow.

Yeti Tundra Cooler
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The Yeti Tundra is where everything started. They are Yeti’s standard hard-sided coolers and can be found in an enormous size range. You can get options that are the Yeti Tundra 35, Tundra 45, Tundra 65, Tundra Haul, Tundra 75, Tundra 105, Tundra 110, Tundra 125, Tundra 160, Tundra 210, Tundra 250, and Tundra 350. This massive selection spans from small-sized coolers up to a number of the greatest that might be in the industry.

It really is worth noting that the quantity designation in the merchandise name will not coincide with a quart storage volume. We aren’t sure what the quantity represents! For your convenience, we’ve displayed the approximate actual storage volume for each and every size below. We likewise incorporate just how many cans of beer Yeti states that you could state together with just how many pounds of ice you can fill it with. This can be ideal for you for another camping trip or tailgate you have planned together with your Yeti Cooler.

As you can tell, a lot of Yeti’s hard-sided coolers can handle some serious storage ability. There are a good amount of Yeti Coolers that fall into our “giant” size category.

Yeti Roadie Cooler
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The Yeti Roadie Series is made up of just one single model: the Yeti Roadie 20. Beyond the overhead carrying handles instead of side handles, this cooler follows an identical design approach as its larger brothers in the Tundra Series but is reduced right down to an extremely compact and mobile design. Even though the quantity in its name (“20”) doesn’t accurately match the storage volume in quarts, it really is much nearer to matching. Specifically, you will love around 18.5 quarts of storage volume. That is large enough to store 16 chilled cans of beer or 20 pounds of ice.

Yeti Tank Cooler
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Without technically a cooler in the sense we are being used to seeing, the Yeti Tank still falls under their hard-sided cooler section and will probably be worth mentioning in this review. The product is a robust ice bucket which allows for fast and simple usage of chilled items at the trouble of ice life. There are two models available: the Yeti Tank 45 and the Yeti Tank 85.

Both these models have lower storage volume compared to the number within their name suggests. Specifically, the Tank 45 has around 37.3 quarts and the Tank 85 bumps things up to practically 75 quarts. Which is assuming you fill it to the brim. That is large enough to transport either 52 cans of beer (with ice) or 43 pounds of ice only in the Tank 45 and either 102 cans of beer (with ice) or 83 pounds of ice only in the Tank 85.

As a result of unique nature of the Tanks and they aren’t enclosed coolers, we won’t be testing them in this review. However they are still awesome and worth mentioning!

Yeti Silo Cooler
The Yeti Silo Cooler is sort of hybrid product that combines the ice-retention ability of a normal Yeti Tundra Cooler with the water-displacement ability of a water jug. This makes the Yeti Silo an excellent solution for folks who aren’t necessarily seeking to store chilled items but instead looking to hydrate persons for long periods.

There happens to be one size available. Storage volume is just about 29 quarts that makes it very close in proportions to a Yeti Tundra 45. However, Yeti has dubbed it a 6 Gallon model (which is merely 24 quarts). That is likely because they don’t inspire you to fill it to the most notable (which we trust).

Yeti Cooler Features
With such numerous coolers to select from, it really is no real surprise that Yeti also offers many notable features to go over. It really is worth stating that according to which size and model you go with, the precise features can vary greatly. We will review some of well known Yeti Cooler features and be certain to highlight which specific Yeti hard-sided coolers will contain those features.

No matter what kind of Yeti Cooler you go with, you will love thick rotomolded walls. These walls have already been dubbed the Yeti “Fatwall” design and so are made up of Permafrost insulation. Specifically, you can find around 2” wall thickness in practically every model. That is about average in comparison to other premium cooler brands and reaches an even that finds a happy medium between maximizing ice retention and storage volume while minimizing bulkiness and further weight.

And to help utilize the power of the thick walls, all Yeti hard-sided coolers should come built with a freezer-grade COLDLOCK gasket. This thick rubber gasket offers a seal between your lid and your body and is an attribute that’s almost mandatory in virtually any premium cooler that hopes to compete at the best level.

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The other necessary element of an excellent lid-to-body seal is an efficient latching system. Yeti solves this challenge because of their T-Rex lid latches. They have a fancy name, nonetheless they are fundamentally the traditional rubber T-latches that people have observed a great many other cooler brands use. They are simple and effective.

Attached to underneath of the ice chests are four rubber feet that contain multiple purposes. First, they offer an improved grip on hard surfaces compared to the plastic on the cooler body. This can help in order to avoid your cooler from sliding around in the event you aren’t in a position to tie it down. Also, it can help in order to avoid scratching and scuffing up the paint or finish on your own truck or boat.

Finally, it raises the complete cooler from the ground making cleaning underneath easier and in addition enhancing ice life because the cooler itself isn’t directly touching the hot surface of the bottom, boat, truck, etc.

As well as the lid latches and roto-molded construction will be the Yeti NEVERFAIL Hinge System, the Yeti Interlock Lid system, and the Yeti LIPGRIP Handles. Most of these parts are constructed with the highest-quality materials and work with the body to last for quite some time.

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Yeti stands behind their products with their impressive 5-year limited warranty. This, coupled with their IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) Certification, is proof they are delivering a lineup of products that can last.

For individuals who prefer to take good thing about other carrying methods, the Yeti Tundra also offers double haul handles. These handles are constructed with military-grade polyester and include comfortable rubber grips.

Small Yeti Roadie replaces the medial side handles with an overhead carrying handle. That is a common approach for coolers of the size since two-person carrying usually isn’t necessary. The handle itself is constructed of quality metal and includes a water-resistant grip handle in the centre.

And for all those after increased degrees of mobility, the Yeti Tundra Haul forgoes both methods and taps into its built-in oversized NEVERFLAT wheels. This ice chest is towed around using its rotating adjustable STRONGARM handle.

The Yeti Tank and Yeti Silo are also somewhat unique of most Yeti Tundra Coolers. The Yeti Tank, as a result of its round design, sticks aside rope handles. As the Yeti Silo forgoes rope handles altogether and utilizes built-in side handles found in conjunction using its trademarked STEADYSTEEL handle for better pour control.

Even though we are on this issue of the Yeti Silo Cooler, it comes with an additional feature that helps it to thrive superior to other coolers which may have been changed into drinking coolers. It includes a high-flow SUREPOUR spigot that’s much better to use when compared to a traditional drain plug.

That said, some features are noticeably missing on Yeti Coolers. Pressure-release valves, fish scales, built-in bottle openers, and other features we are being used to seeing are nowhere found. They are things that Yeti doesn’t have to meet up with the needs of a lot of people in terms of premium coolers. Whether that is cause for concern will depend on the average person but we certainly wouldn’t mind them.

Yeti Cooler Accessories
It really is worth mentioning the huge selection of Yeti Cooler accessories out there as well. To put it simply, Yeti has the major collection of cooler accessories that people have ever seen. They include things like a seat cushion, their specialty ice packs, dividers, rod holders, tie-down kits, beverage holder kits, baskets, and more. This opens up what your cooler is with the capacity of and makes it ideal for virtually any situation you could throw at it.

Yeti Cooler Ice Life
So we have reviewed lots of the Yeti hard-sided cooler features and accessories, but how does this translate to ice life? Each of the ice-retention parts that people like to see can be found: thick rotomolded walls, freezer-grade gaskets, and great latches, but do Yeti Coolers have what must be done to hang with the very best with regards to holding ice?

Yeti is surprisingly quiet how long they believe their ice chests will hold ice. Many brands will proudly display their ice retention rate in hours or days while Yeti appears to simply say that their ice retention is “unmatched”.

To check this, we made a decision to put them through a few of our in-house testings. This entails filling the ice chest with a recommended amount of ice, leaving out in the Texas sun, and occasionally opening it for short periods. Thus giving us a far more accurate real-life number.

In case you have visited our site before, you could have seen our huge article on RTIC Coolers vs Yeti. In it, we tested a small number of the Yeti products included a few of their smaller hard-sided coolers. Since writing that article, we’ve amended our specific ice tests to be a lot more similar to real-life usage. Specifically, we’ve decreased the volume of ice to a far more “normal” amount and we also start the ice chest more regularly (since a cooler on the lake or out camping will typically be opened a lot). For that reason, the ice numbers listed below are {l

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